Pregnancy and Clothes Shopping

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I know folks tell pregnant women not to go grocery shopping in the first trimester because a lot of the smells will make them sick – but no one warned me about going clothes shopping and how depressing it could be. 

I went with a sweet friend who has lost weight to pick out some new clothes for a photo shoot (and just to pick out new clothes).  What I didn’t expect was how depressing it would be looking at all the fall styles knowing that I could no longer wear a size 8 or even a 14 (unless it is maternity or as 12 with a belly band).  I know, you are saying it is all for a good cause – and I can’t wait to meet my sweet little boy I’ve been carrying for almost 10 months now…but I should never go clothes shopping when I can’t wear the clothes. 

I’ve been looking at this one particular fashion, hair, style, makeup blog and it has been great in helping me to get remotivated in looking as best I can for my husband when he comes home from work (I can at least still fix my hair and put on makeup even though none of my clothes fit)  And it gives me gread ideas for what I want to wear when I lose all this baby weight.  This post is the one that really got me thinking.

Here are my thoughts:

1.  Statement pieces: yes, I love jeans.  But, I don’t like spending money on them.  So, I love Kohls.  But, if I ever get to a weight I love and know I can keep it off and remain that weight – I may invest in some MadeWell or Lucky jeans.  The other is shoes: I have some red suede lagerfelds, JCrew zebra peep toe pumps, and some other shoes that are just fabulous.  Right now all I can wear is flipflops.  Ready for my feet to not be “memory foam feet”!  And I love blazers – cute jackets that go with anything that I like better than sweaters.  They make me look more complete and can totally work a pair of jeans. 

2.  Buying for my bodyshape: well, if I could ever stay the same weight for a few mon  ths – I could swing that.  Discipline is part of the journey.  Right now none of my tops will fit until I’m done nursing – then I may be pregnant again.  So, is this hope null and until I’m 40?  I hope not.

3.  Grabbing 10 things if your house is on fire: clothing things: Zebra pumps, my Kohls skinny jeans, a few Loft dresses, white sweater and teal sweater (both of which my hubs loves), and some sweet jackets that I have.

4.  Saving Outfits: Oh, I wear them – but I do save them even when I can’t fit into them – because they serve as motivation!

5.  Take care of your clothes.  This is definitely something I’ve learned since being married to my sweet husband.  If we are cooking and he gets something on his JosABanks white dress shirt – I have him take it off immediately, I stain treat it, then I throw it in the wash.  I don’t do the same with mine.  I need to.  Here is to new habits.

These pictures represent me at my skinniest (or almost) and one now almost 10 months pregnant.  Here is to goals and walking trails!







This is not my baby, but a sweet friend/neighor’s new born.  But, that was a small Loft sweater which I loved and an 8 Bass skirt which is one of my fave possessions and would definitely be listed in question number 3.  My husband hasn’t even seen me wear that skirt yet.  Oh, wait for the day.


Third Trimester Update

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Greetings from pregnancy land!

As I entered the third trimester last week, I am now on the countdown.  I can’t wait to meet this little guy.  No, I’ve not started dreaming what he looks like or anything, but I do hope he has my husband’s dimples.  I had no hair for a couple of years and my husband had blond.  So, oh, and his blue eyes would definitely be a great asset!

The next few months hold much for us: some trips to FL, some weddings, showers, writing, conferences, meeting with friends.  When will I ever find time to organize the nursery?  Really – the kid needs diapers.  Those don’t need organizing!

I took my glucose one-hour test today – anxious about it as I woke up, drank the pop like a champion, and now I wait.  To be honest, I’m not really good at waiting.

There are many decisions that we still have to make as a couple and we know that God is gracious and gives wisdom when we ask – so believe me, we are asking!

I now am feeling more pregnant, but BIG too.  I know, I know – don’t worry about the weight.  I’m not worried about it – just know that it is there. 

It is getting hot in NC.  It has been cool and I take that as “and God gives more grace” and why am I greatly anticipating being in FL in the middle of the summer?  Who knows?  Just am very thankful for A/C!

My husband has been a real trooper.  He helps with the dishes (yes, our dishwasher is still not functioning), he loves me unconditionally, prays for me about many things big and small, and is also eagerly awaiting our son’s arrival.

Baby Campbell will be here soon.  Hopefully the next pregnancy update will be when our little boy bundle arrives!