Fashion Fit Fridays

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Milestone week!

My baby is just 2 months (today) and I hit the 50 lb weight loss mark yesterday!  Very exciting.  People are asking me how I’ve done it and will continue;

1.  Who has time to eat when you have two boys under 15 months?

2.  Determination.

3.  Press your NO THANK YOU button – a LOT!

4.  Exercise as much as you can – which is hard because its been cold but I need to do this more.

5.  Set attainable goals.  I’m planning on doing a 10k in April and I want to be 3lbs less by my birthday.

The above picture was taken at a friend’s house when we dropped off the boys so we could go hear the Little Rock Wind Symphony for their Christmas concert.  It was fun.

This hat – I’ve gotten the most compliments on it EVER!  And I think my friend Kasey gave me this JCrew sweater – which I LOVE!

Press on!