Hello December 16 – Time Wasters and Savers

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time management
I often wonder how so many bloggers I read actually have time to cook all the pretty food, take photos of it, live life and go out on dates and do ministry, read tons of books, and write too. Oh and stay physically fit, get sleep, and be. Oh, and not neglect their family or children.

Here are some time consuming reduction habits I need to implement:
1. I deleted all games off the ipad and my iphone

2. I need to hang up my clothes when I finish wearing them.

3. I need to start using my crockpot more.

4. I need to simplify my belongings. I learned this from JessLC over with her purging 100 things tasks. Started doing that before we were married. Now that our church as a share and swap – I have a huge pile of many boxes already begun for the spring event.

5. I need to unload the dishwasher at night when possible so it is cleaned out to be loaded with dirty ones the next day.

6. I love and will keep doing the majority of my laundry in one day.

7. I need to spend some part of my day reading – either beginning or end.
8. Organization is a big thing. We are working on cleaning out our walk-out attic (years before we turn it into a functional bedroom) and I need to get things organized so I quit spending time looking for stuff.

I actually think most of my time wasting is pure laziness, and that is not the habits of a Prov 31 industrious woman.

Much and Link Love (December 6 edition)

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Second week of December and it actually feels like it out there. Here we go:
1. O Holy Night is def my fave Christmas (sacred) song. More thoughts on it later this week.
2. Reilly Band (violin rock) and Barlow Girl were both awesome last night. Enjoyed the drive, blaring country music and Sojourn Advent, dinner with a friend, and then music and conversation.
3. Fave country songs right now: anything by Zac Brown, Put You in a Song by Keith Urban, Rain is a Good Thing, Why Wait by Rascal Flatts, Stuck on You by Sugarland.
4. Reading this week: Philippians, John, advent book by David Horner, Acts commentary by Sproul, God’s Two Kingdoms, Eat Pray Love, and Kitchen Confidential, and any missions book I can find while working on Quarter 2 and 2 resources on missions.
5. I miss the weekly communion at Sojourn.
6. I loved the snow on the ground this weekend. Beautiful driving down Duraleigh with snow topped trees that were just brilliant reds and yellows. It won’t get out of the 40s this week. Sad times this cold stuff! 🙂
7. Fun things on tap this week: Parker and Otis (cafe in Durham), Getty concert, planning day, research day, lunch with staff ladies, hanging with a friend, dinner at a pastor’s house with family, party on Thursday night and day off on Thursday (which is always good), Christmas programs, dinner out, photo shoots (definitely the busiest of the whole month!)
8. College football is almost over. Sad times. But, this was not a great football weekend, NFL or NCAA. Only Bob Stoops pulled it out for me! Florida got a good bowl game and the Carolina v UT will be a good game too!

Link Love:
1. My friend Lara wrote a great post on Hope. I love hope this season. Christ is His Name!
2. Anyone struggle with an eating disorder, or know someone who does?
3. These truffle brownies will be making an appearance at a Christmas party near you!
4. Love that this is written by one of my fave female authors and that we were talking about Ephesians yesterday in Life class and how Ephesians talks so much about what she said!
5. What a great Kevin Bacon find…do you like Bacon?
6. Kevin has always brought me good things before. Will be making these soon!
7. This candy may be making an appearance at a Christmas party near you, too!
8. I love Jane Eyre. Can’t wait to see this!
9. Check out this Charlotte designer giveaway featuring a Jess LC necklace!
10. Francis for Christmas. Good stuff.