kcreatives newborn: baby c

kcreatives newborn: baby c

Little toes. Little noses.  Little fingers.  Lots of laughs and pokes and sweet, tender moments from older siblings. Lots of wonder and amazement from tired but grateful parents.

Newborn shoots are a really sweet time to spend with a new family – maybe been a family for a while – but with the addition of each child, each special creation, a new family emerges.

I got to spend an evening with a sweet family in our church.  Baby was quite awake even with a full belly.  Perfect lighting outside and eager siblings made it for a fun, eventful evening.
















Thankful to be able to capture such moments.  Never to be had again.

“Something worth remembering” – all photos property of kcreatives photography.

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Newborn Photography Link Love

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newborn photography tips

Isn’t newborn photography one of the sweetest sessions ever?  Little toes.  Little noses.  Sweet new life.  A picture full of expectation and excitement and journeying and love.

I’ve taken a few newborn photo shoots, but I am all about learning poses, what parents want, and lighting techniques.

Looking around Pinterest, talking with friends, and following photographers on Instagram have given me wonderful pages to look at and photos to be inspired by.  Thought I would pass some along to you.

Kelli Nicole out of Houston offers great tips for lighting and posing.

I found Tiffany Farley on Instagram and absolutely love her photography.  You do want to find out what your client wants and work to those needs.  These are their pictures.

Little babies like to be all wrapped up because it makes them feel safe and warm.  Here are some wrapping tips.

Photography is a lot about light and angles.  Here are some helpful tips .

If you are in the Atlanta area and need a newborn photographer – I’d love to talk with you: kcreativesphotography@gmail.com

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Photography Friday

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Happy Friday!  So thankful the weekend is here.  My husband has Sunday off and we are having some friends over so that will be fun cooking for them (especially a French Silk Pie for the first time)!  Have you ever made French Silk Pie?  What is your favorite type of pie?

I’ve been dabbling in photography for about 7 years now ever since I went on a hiking trip with two of my photographer friends.  It was lifechanging – even though I’d been taking photos since high school.  They were both more advanced in their photography knowledge and I wanted to learn all I could.  Over the years different things have been more important than that, but I’m finally biting the bullet and starting my photography business.  You can see some of the shoots I’ve done in the past by clicking here.

On Fridays, I want to make some great links available to you – ones that I am learning from.  Some weeks I will do an interview with friends who are photographers. I hope these links and interviews challenge you to be better in your craft.

Always learning with you – kdc

A new to me friend Jenna from DiPrima Photography is starting a new series on basics of DSLR for those of you just beginning.

I love it when talented and busy photographers spend some of their time teaching people who read their blogs more about how to excel in photography.  KJ of Virginia does this well.

Since I also love to take photos of food – here is one of my favorite food blogs and they share tips on food photography.