Menu Week: March 15

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2 more weeks to go – wow, its coming fast, but its really dragging!! My fridge is getting more bare – but I’m working better at my freezer!
Here we go:
Monday – can’t eat anything early for breakfast because I’m having my cholesterol and sugar checked. Asahi for lunch with Kathy. Dinner will be balsamic roasted onions and chicken (WW recipe)
Tuesday – oatmeal with fresh fruit (cleaning out freezer), turkey salad on a arthurs thin, dinner will be a salad and egg white probably
Wednesday – Going to do a dreen smoothie in honor of St. Patty’s Day! Cheesecake Factory’s chopped veggie salad with chicken (390 cal, 6 fat) – an SIMPLY AMAZING – dinner is salad and pizza with the Weldys.
Thursday – Probably very much like Tuesday
Friday – Lunch at Havana Rumba with my professors as a send-off for me. I love the place and my last dish I’ll try there is their signature dish – the grouper – oh, can’t wait.
Saturday – lunch with going to be FABD bbq sandwiches and then a wonderful going away massage by my good friend Sarah.
Sunday – I’m heading to E-town to hand with the Nelsons for church and lunch (probably Mexican)
It’ll be good – I gotta get some running in!
Recipe of the week: Lemon Cheesecake Bars with Berries

Menu Week: March 8

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My kitchen is getting more bare along with my fridge and freezer. My shopping lists are getting shorter – and my grocery budget is doing well!
Here we go:
Turkey, turkey orzo soup, turkey salad with celery and craisins. Those are the bulk of the main dishes. Have to use up my turkey (yum)!
New dish this week: lumberjack hash for Friday’s breakfast with Becca. Topped with an egg white – can’t wait to try it! Its from a Cooking Light magazine.
Eats with people this week: lunch with my friends Bonnie and Laura tomorrow, dinner with a prof and his family, Wed is dinner with another prof and his family, Thursday is lunch at Founders with a co-worker, Saturday is brunch with some girls at Toast on Market downtown Ville, and coffee at Java with a friend. Sunday is shopping with my friend Sarah at Amazing Grace and Whole Foods. Fun times!
So – gotta eat less this week. This past wknd was rough on the waistline and the scale! But, oh so yummy!

Menu Week: March 1

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Wow – already here. Well, this is the start of the end for me here in Louisville. The next month of menus will have restaurants, dinners with friends, and few homecooked exciting meals.
Monday: making peanut butter cookies for 2 families with new babies. Enjoying some leftover soup that I just took out of the freezer. Dinner will be salad greens and turkey
Tuesday: Shiraz with Rayann – 2.99$ Falafel Tuesday. Dinner: I am making Ina Garten’s roast turkey (on Sunday) and using it to make Simply Recipes Turkey Tetrazzini for a friend and their new baby. Serving alongside roasted broccoli, rolls, and pb cookies
Wednesday: lunch at Lotsa Pasta – my fave deli place in the Ville – with my friend, Sarah. Dinner will be greens and turkey.
Thursday: Dinner with Brandi – just the two of us (and the little guy). Don’t know what we are going to enjoy yet – but it will be wonderful when we decide. You are getting two cookers together!
Friday: hanging with Tracy on Friday night but I think I need to eat some carbs for the Anthem 5k on Saturday morning.
Recipe of the week is Ghiradhelli’s Double Chocolate cookies – making to take with me to Nashville.
After the race, I’m driving down to Brentwood, TN to go to the Pfunky Griddle to enjoy some whole grain pancakes with pb and bananas on top. Dinner will be with my best friend from high school and a wonderful mexican chicken salad she makes for me every time I come (because I request it).
Sunday is hanging in Brentwood and Thompson Station, lunch, and then maybe dinner with a friend at PeiWei.
Always enjoy traveling, cooking, eating out! Good week ahead!

Menu Week: February 22

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This is going to be early because I’m leaving tonight for Carolina so I won’t have time to post it over the wknd. So, here goes…

Monday – travel and leftovers (and going grocery shopping)
Tuesday – Lunch at Butterfly Garden Cafe with Lilly and dinner at the Stringers – can’t wait for either.
Wednesday – leftovers (clean out the freezer time)
Thursday – think I’ll make some peanut and chocolate chip blondies for the recipe of the week for the office.
Friday – Quick and easy is the name of the game for lunch and then heading out for Trolley Friday with Sarah and Shana will be joining us later in the evening. I’ve never ridden the Ville trolley, so I am excited for the excursion, food, and company!
Saturday – heading to Berea for the day – hopefully it will be nice. Papaleno’s and Sonny’s – can the food day get much better – and hoping to see a friend and take some nice photos and do some shopping.
Sunday – lunch at a prof’s house.

So, gladly this week won’t be high in the grocery bill department! Gotta love week’s like that!

Menu Week: February 15

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Post holiday, short week. Going to be good. Can’t wait. Here you go:
Leftovers: tuna whole wheat spaghetti
Monday: whole wheat pita pizzas (I’m making mine a mexican pizza!) and a salad for movie night
Tuesday: white chicken chili and homemade cheese toast for a manicure session
Wednesday: finish up leftovers, roasted winter vegetables with maple and ginger (recipe of the week)
Thursday: white chicken chili, roasted veggies, larabar and fruit at airport
Friday: breakfast at hotel, lunch and dinner are in Raleigh somewhere – you can bet it will be yummy!
Saturday: brunch at Flying Biscuit at Cameron Village (yum) – I know I’ll be having an egg white omelette! Dinner will be somewhere!
Sunday: all up for grabs – always an adventure!

I love the food of the Triangle. And you can bet I’ll be stopping by Trader Joes and Whole Foods (this one just because my parents don’t have one near them in Publix land and they always like to go).
Happy Cooking.

Question: What are your fave cities to travel to because of their eats?

Menu Week: February 8

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A full week again this week (when is it not). But, I have been a little more disciplined in my planning of menu this week in light of food and money. So, here you go:
Leftovers: beef stew – still gotta finish that off – still yummy. Bourbon chicken from Super Bowl dinner.
New recipe of the week: Bon Appetit’s Consentino’s Spaghetti with Tuna. I have all the ingredients. No need to spend money and the carbs will be good for running.
Baking: Peanut Butter truffles (actually, no bake) and Vday Sugar cookies for the Foster BYOB Party on Thursday night.
Thursday I think I’ll be enjoying a Founder’s Cafe Veggie wrap – so good – for lunch.
Saturday I am meeting up with some vegetarian/vegan folks for a meeting at the Zen Tea House – can’t wait to try it.
Then on Sunday I’m having dinner with a SBTS prospective student and her family. Don’t know where we’ll go yet.

Menu Week: Feb 1

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Wow – birthday month is finally over and life can go on. We are already in the second year of the new decade! Time flies.
I will still have some leftovers from previous week: I love how stews and soups last forever! Red Wine Beef Stew and Curried Vegetables will continue to be on the menu this week.
Monday I will hopefully be having Pei Wei leftovers from my dinner in Brentwood on Sunday night – can’t wait, it will be my first time!
We have a faculty meeting this week so I have something to bring goodies to: Salted Peanut Bars from Quick and Easy Recipes.
I’ll be eating salads, soups, and easy breakfasts.
Saturday I am having dinner with a sweet family. Sunday another lunch with a great young family doing good things in ministry.
Then, for the Super Bowl (GO COLTS) a friend and I are getting together with good food. I have the NFC so that means I have to cook something related to New Orleans. Instead of copping out and just going by JGumbo’s and picking up bourbon chicken, I found a recipe for it – so I’m going to make my own! Lorrie has the AFC and is bringing Orville Redenbacher popcorn and oreos (for the Mannings/Trump commercial). We are also having salad (me) and rice (lorrie) with our bourbon chicken. Should be a good night: who can pass up popcorn and oreos?
What is your favorite Super Bowl food?

Menu Week: Jan 25

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I am excited about this week in cooking and eating. Pretend like this is being written on Monday morning (but I am writing it now so I can go grocery shopping on Saturday afternoon):
Coming off a great weekend of baking and getting some rest (I’m in the midst of a cold) – I am grateful that I have an office of professors and co-workers to bring yummy treats to. I promise I am not breathing on the food!
Orange Molasses Cookies
Dark Cherry Pistachio Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies
Pumpkin Chocolate Muffins
I will be eating leftovers this week: beef stew, pinto bean stew, curried veggies, salads.
Breakfast (coming off my delicious week of oats) will be vegan spiced banana pancakes all week – YUM!
I am taking dinner to friend’s of mine who just had sweet baby Noah: chicken pot pie, salad, Best of Fall cookies (by request).
Recipe of the week is the afore mentioned Orange Molasses Cookies
Weekend will be in Nashville suburbs of Brentwood and Murfreesboro with new and old friends. I’m bringing with my Ghirardelli’s Chocolate cookies for my friend who is pregnant. And get to eat out with some cool people while I’m there – so definitely check back after next weekend for my review of what we find!
The next couple of weeks will be spent clearing out the freezer because money will be tight. I have to pay my car tax – fun, huh! ๐Ÿ™‚ But, thankful to God I don’t have to dip into savings to do it!

Menu Week: January 18

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Since I am going to be out having fun this wknd in the Chicago area with my friend, I thought I would go ahead and post the menu for next week.
I am doing good so far. Spending less money on food. Cooking more legumes. This week I am doing well at the start of cleaning out the freezer work that I will need to do in the next 2 months.
So, here goes:
Leftovers: hummus pancakes (yum!)
Monday: brunch in Chicago with Janel and then probably a hummus pancake on an arthur’s thin when I get home.
I am housesitting all next week for some friends so I want something easy and portable that I can just grab or eat in bowls.
All breakfast: oats – saving money, healthy, and filling (and versatile) – T-Friday. Saturday will be tea and muffins I think with a friend over a book review
Lunch: curried vegetables from a recipe that I am adapting from Crostini and Chianti. Yummy and healthy – even without the couscous. Just give me a bowl
Wednesday I’m hitting the salad bar at Jason’s Deli with a friend of mine – taking a break from work and I haven’t been to the new one yet.
Saturday – beef stew from The Kitchn – using some steak and roast that I have in the freezer – full of veggies. And my friend is bringing a late bday offering – oreo cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. Yes, there will be some running after that meal. And I have some bread in the freezer we are going to use to sop up all the goodness in the beef stew.
Recipe of the week is from Bon Appetit – Dried Cherry Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies. I am halving the recipe – and it will still make a lot – plenty for a plate for the office.
I am looking forward to picking up a few good finds in Trader Joes on Sunday – and dreaming of the day when I live within easy shopping distance of a TJ again!

Menu Week: Jan 11

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Another week starts – and after everything I ate yesterday I feel like I never wanna eat again – but I already had breakfast so that didn’t last very long.
Here we go:
Smoothies for 5 days for breakfast – green ones. Can’t wait. Starting it off tomorrow morning with one with Becca.
Tonight is arthurs thin with pb and banana (unless I eat my banana early and then it will just be plain).
Tuesday is lunch with my friend Brandi – I just don’t know where yet. Should be yummy no matter what it is!
I won’t be able to get to the grocery store until tomorrow night (Tuesday), so will be doing leftover soup or Progressor Soup till then.
Heading to Bux tonight with a friend so I think I’ll just do water and maybe 1 dark chocolate graham, we’ll see how the day goes.
Recipe of the week out of a magazine is orange blueberry scones – make them for some doctoral students at my work. They should enjoy them.
W-F dinners will be egg white omelette salads with other yummy veggies or beans on them.
I will try making these chick pea burgers probably Wed night. Can’t wait to try them.
Sat and Sunday (Lord willing no 8-9 feet of snow), I’ll make my way to Chicago and Wheaton to hang out with Janel! Whoohoooo! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been praying away the snow – at least a lot of it. Good eats up there. If I go, there will be a run down of Chicago eats! If I don’t go, no, we won’t even speculate!
Enjoy! What are you making and eating this week?