What’s Eatin’? #4

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What's Eatin?

Well, here we are – the end of the month. I’m trying to stay within my grocery budget for the first time – well, ever… My husband will thank me later!
So, we’ve got about 20$ left and I have to buy some things for the older boy.
Monday: Cilantro Lime Quinoa with Black Beans
Tuesday: Breakfast Tacos (because neither of us were hungry for them last week).
Wednesday: Chicken Salads. We love these – probably have them once a week. Healthy, quick, lighter dinner.
Thursday-Saturday – we are out and have date money! Yay!
Two things I’m baking:
Snickerdoodles for dessert on Tuesday night – part of my ELR14 cooking. And I’ll package some up for the friends who are watching our littles this weekend.
Cinnamon Toast Muffins: for Wednesday morning reading session and then for the Mister and I to take on our getaway.
What are you cooking this week? How do you stay on a budget when it comes to the end of the month?

What’s Eatin’? #3

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What's Eatin?

I usually do my grocery shopping and menu planning on Monday, so I thought I’d put it out there. This is helpful for two reasons: keeps me accountable and not wasting money or food and also it may give you some new dishes to try!
I wont say there won’t be variance from this list – because often I get inspired by the blogs I read each day – but hopefully this will be a good start!

Monday: Me finishing up a Raw Detox so a green smoothie and E will have my boxed lunch from a nutrition study today. Yay – no cooking!

Tuesday: Larry’s Pizza for lunch with friends from Durham and Taco Tuesday for dinner: Breakfast Tacos strictly because I have missed my Great Day Farm eggs since being in FL and on a Raw detox for three days. I’ll be including black beans and sweet potato hash in the tacos.

Wednesday: Its rumored to be cold here so I think I’ll make an addition to #elr14 and make Jenna’s Broccoli Cheddar Potato Soup. Really – its vegetarian and I only need 3 ingredients from the store to make it. Vegetarian minus the bacon of course – but that’s just a topping and I will eat it!

Thursday: Dinner is italian chicken tenderloins and grown up tater tots and roasted beets.

Friday: Hubs is going duck hunting. I’m having a play date at a local church and am making another #elr14 recipe – apricot chocolate chip scones I’m going to Panera in the afternoon for some LaLa time. Dinner is going to be a homemade pizza – I want to be making these more often on Fridays. Simple. But, this week I won’t be making the dough. I’m thinking a pesto roasted garlic onion pizza – I’ll share the recipe if it turns out!

Saturday: Leftovers! Fresh Vegetables. Brunch at church. Also, we are having a play date/craft day so I thought I’d add another check to #elr14 and make her Lazy Girls’ Blondies for the kiddos (and us if we want one).

Sunday: Leftovers as well for today!

What are you cooking this week?

Menu Week: May 10

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This week will be slightly normal – I guess. We shall see.

My main meals at home will be: lentil chicken chard soup, salad, pbjs, yogurt, oats. Why – that’s what I have right now.
My magazine recipe of the week: no clue. Have to look through them again. Running out of desserts to cook – so might have to start cooking main meals out of the stack too!
Places I’m eating out this week:
Champas Sushi Thai
Douglas house
Bux or Bou
Fosters in Chapel Hill
Hot Point Cafe
? for lunch on Friday (haven’t decided yet)
Capitol Hill Baptist Church
Troupe house
Hickman house for birthday celebration

This weekend I’ll be in DC so I can’t wait. It will be busy but good.

Menu Week: May 3

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I did a pre-lim menu last Thursday – but then I started a new whole month challenge (no processed foods). So, it will look a little different.

I think oats will be on the menu every day for breakfast – with milk and all-natural peanut butter

Lunches: lentil/chicken soup (all natural), chickpeas and salad with veggies, yogurt and mango, orange, celery, carrots and mustard.

Dinner: oats, salad, brown rice and tomatoes,

Wed night heading out with one of my girls. Thursday hitting up tea with some friends in Durham. Friday lunch is lunch with a friend. Saturday is traveling to Charlotte and will probably eat at IKEA (because a friend wants to eat there). May be Sonnys as well which will definitely be easier to do whole foods…

Menu Week: April 26

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This is a busy week – much eating out, hanging out with people. Looking forward to ALL of it! Gotta make wise decisions though about what I get!

Monday: oats and fruit for breakfast (good start to the week). Homemade chicken quinoa soup for lunch and veggies. Dinner is at Champas (the thai part of it) with bonnie over reading.

Tuesday: Breakfast at one of my fave places: Cafe Carolina (not that they have anything healthy there). Lunch with a new friend. Coffee at Bux later with a mission-minded college girl at State.

Wednesday: Publix bread, pb, and fruit. Lunch is with my co-workers at Crabtree Valley Mall (so many options). Dinner with some fave people at the Summit to meet their new(ish) little boy. Can’t wait for that meal and hang out time!

Thursday: Publix bread. Salad. Dinner while babysitting for some wild and crazy kids who love Jesus!

Friday: Egg white omelette with veggies, soup and pbj, dinner is something random because we have Joy Prom that night!

Saturday: Flying Biscuit with Rach, then off to the Farmers Market. Can’t wait to see what I find – and that will be lunch and dinner.

The recipe of the week this week will be something I can bake for the Joy Prom Volunteer room on Friday night – I’m thinking bars or brownies of some sort!

Menu Week: April 19

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Ok – here is a week of no snacking! I gotta do it! Here we go: I’m actually writing this down on an actual piece of paper and putting it on the fridge so I can remember what I’m packing for lunch this week. Let’s see if this works:
Monday: oats, couscous salad, dinner with some friends at their home
Tuesday: Publix bread and fruit for breakfast, soup and yogurt/fruit for lunch, salad with couscous chicken on top (note that the couscous salad is the recipe of the week
Wednesday: oats and fruit, soup, chipotle for dinner (salad with veggies, no chips)
Thursday: granola and milk for breakfast, sweet tomatoes with a sweet friend for lunch, salad with couscous for dinner then off to LocoLu’s for roommate night
Friday: oats with fruit, soup and tomato sandwich for lunch, dinner with friends
Saturday: bfast before the 5k, lunch and dinner are up for grabs. Haven’t gotten that far. Maybe whatever is for leftovers by that time in the week.

Menu Week: April 12

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This is going to be a great, but busy week! Here we go!
Monday: whole wheat bagel thin with pb and veggie cream cheese (on different halves) before a meeting, fruit at the meeting. Lunch is Moes. Dinner is roasted asparagus and an egg white.
Tuesday: leftovers for lunch and dinner: black beans for lunch and 2 bean soup for dinner
Wednesday: eating out with a cool new lady at work and dinner will be asparagus with an egg white (new low fat dinner)
Thursday: bagel thin, lunch will be maybe something at Caribou, dinner with be a new recipe from the moosewood cookbook: california waldorf salad over mixed greens. And I’m making a new healthy bar recipe – strawberry oat bars – for dessert (with cool whip).
Friday: El Rodeo for lunch and something crazy healthy for dinner
Saturday: pumpkin oatmeal muffins (haven’t made those in a long time) before a bike ride (with dark chocolate pb) and then hopefully some fresh fruit and veggie from the Durham Farmers Market – or another great local place over there – after the bike ride. Saturday night – something uber healthy again.
Sunday: carbs for breakfast and lunch as I’ll be running a 10k that afternoon
Recipe of the week: Strawberry Oat Bars
I’ve been snacking way too much. Need to stop! I need to brush my teeth or something after every meal so I don’t keep snacking!
Anyway – there you have it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Menu Week: April 5

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Wow – here we go! ๐Ÿ™‚
I already love living in Raleigh – have eaten at Chipotle, Tripps, Whole Foods, and the Cheesecake Factory – good stuff! This week will be some leftovers, eating out, and over at a friend’s home.
So, since I haven’t sat down to plan out my daily menu – I’ll just give you a run down of what I will be eating this week. Usually I will take Fridays to plan for the next week – sitting at Caribou – planning my work, home, exercise, and cooking schedule for the following week
Breakfasts will probably be fruit and banana pancakes.
Lunch: leftovers of cheesecake factory’s chopped vegetable salad with chicken – at least 2 days; majudra leftovers – maybe topped on a salad.
Dinners: salad with egg whites – grits and egg white – and then whatever else I didn’t eat for lunch.
Thursday I’m hanging out with Bonnie for dinner. Saturday for lunch will be BBQ in Morrisville with Janel. The recipe of the week will be Tuscan Bean Soup from BH&G 2/2008. I know it is getting warm, but I still find something so comforting in soups. I love things you can eat with a spoon! And it is really easy and full of vegetables! I’ll probably go ahead and make this completely vegetarian by using veggie broth instead of chicken broth.

Menu Week: March 29 – MOVE TO RALEIGH!

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It is here. Its been coming since the middle of October. I am returning to North Carolina. Yes, to stay! I can’t believe God has given me this amazing opportunity!
Monday: (still in Ville): Wild Eggs, North End (which I went to today, found out they are now open on Monday and am going back), and FABD at home (or temp apt)
Tuesday: Travel is dooley’s bagel with pb, banana, pbj (note carbs and pb), sandwiches and apples for dinner once in Raleigh.
Wednesday: soaked oats for bfast with Dad, lunch somewhere, dinner is roasted salmon and veggies.
Thursday: Breakfast is baked grits casserole from Cooking Light – recipe of the week. Don’t know about the rest of the day.
Friday: same bfast, lunch with Anne Basden, and dinner out somewhere with Dad before he heads back to FL.
Saturday: fruit before run, pbj and fruit salad with KC and Katelyn, and Rudino’s with my roomie and her friends for dinner.
Sunday (EASTER): have no clue except that I will be making some eggs to dye and some spring sugar cookies for the first day of my new job! ๐Ÿ™‚
Many new food adventures coming in Raleigh – and getting back on track – no more of this gaining weight!

Menu Week: March 22

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This is it. This is my last full week in the Ville. And not even that because I’ll be heading to Chattanooga for a conference on Thursday – back late Saturday night. Then only here for 2 days. Wow! This week is baking and eating out mostly. Here we go:
Monday: oatmeal, Cafe LouLou with Sarah, homemade margarhita pizzas and salad with Liz for a movie night. Baking a simple granola.
Tuesday: oatmeal, leftover pizza and salad for lunch on SBTS grounds with Michelle and Jenny – two foodies here on campus I’ve gotten to know. Dinner is with Josh and Shana and Truett – I’m bringing fruit and yogurt parfaits for dessert.
Wednesday: Calistoga Cafe with Becca for our last book breakfast. Rayann gave me a BOGO coupon so that will definitely help. Lunch is at Grape Leaf with Aarica before we go get the rental car. Dinner is whatever I need to use up in my fridge before leaving for Chatt.
Thursday – breakfast for the wknd is thins with pb and fruit. Lunch will probably be some sandwiches after we set up for the conference. Dinner: so many great restaurants. I’ll definitely shoot back on those later.
Friday: same as Thursday.
Saturday: same for bfast and lunch, then hiking with Tasya. On the way back we’ll eat some sandwiches.
Sunday: early morning breakfast with the Joneses, lunch will be whatever will fuel me for a run with Sarah, then dinner is late with Rach when she gets in town of Lotsa Pasta pasta with a roasted tomato and pepper sauce – blackberries with yogurt and agave for dessert. Yum!
Baking this week: chocolate chip cookies and chocolate orange brownies. Hopefully both turn out better than last week’s FAIL.
I’m already looking forward to this week and looking forward to my first week of cooking in a new apt/old city next week!