What’s Eatin’?

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What's Eatin?

Eating on a budget.  Yes, it needs to happen.

My husband and I are definitely foodies.  We spend quite a bit for a family our size on groceries each month.  So, I’m going to try to scale it back by 1/3.  Yikes.  But, this cut in budget isn’t so we can do more – but so that we can get out of down quicker so that we can GIVE more.  So, I’ll be looking for yummy, foodie, but cheap recipes.  I need to also use my coupons and use up what is in our pantry, too.

So, here we go.

Monday: since I’ll be making potato soup for a crowd this coming weekend, I’m trying another recipe – this time one of Tidy Mom’s to see if I want to use this one.  Poor husband, we are going to be eating potato soup for a while!  This soup will be being made for our leftovers and lunches this week.  Because on Monday night we are going the soft grand opening of the Main Cheese here in West Little Rock.  This is another opportunity through the Arksansas Women Bloggers – excited.  How wonderful can great grilled cheese be on a cold night!

Tuesday: Salad with leftover Lemon Chicken by Shutterbean.

Wednesday: Sausage Ragu with Spaghetti Squash

Thursday: Cheap, Mexican breakfast food – brinner we call it in America.  I have most of the ingredients of this already!

Friday: Missions dinner at church

Saturday: I will have just spent all day in the kitchen, so I’m hoping for eating out with a coupon!

Sunday: these pancakes and scrambled eggs.  I’m really not an earl gray fan, but I figure there is no harm in trying these – and there isn’t much that syrup and butter can’t fix!

Breakfast will be oats because I have them already.

What are you cooking this week?

What’s Eatin?

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What's Eatin?Its been a busy weekend and a busy Monday out of town visiting some friends, so I’m a day late in posting the menu and in grocery shopping.  I’m going to try to fit it in tonight before some friends come over when our littles go down for the night.  Does your life ever seem like a run on of days – but never a break.  That’s been ours recently.  I love being busy but I also crave down time too!  Vacation please!!!

Well, here you go:

Monday: it was leftovers – nothing exciting.

Tuesday: I’ll probably have a salad but I am defrosting some of Jenna’s Spinach Stuffed Shells for the men tonight.  Perfect freezer meal – just pop leftovers in the freezer from the first time you make it and they are perfect for busy nights like this.

Wednesday: Potato Soup.  I’m testing this one in order to use it for missions conference women’s lunch next weekend.

Thursday: I’m making dark chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate buttercream and sea salted caramel drizzle for a ladies meeting I’m attending.  For dinner I’ll throw together a simple curried soup recipe.  Maybe pick up some naan or try making it if I have time (baby appts that day).

Friday: If we are at home with nothing to do I try to make Fridays pizza day.  This week we are doing a whole wheat crust with zucchini!  I know, the green will remind me of spring which should be just around the corner with the beautiful weather we’ve been having this week.

Saturday: I’m breaking away from Jenna for Saturday and heading with Tracy at Shutterbean.  Lemon Chicken – brown rice – vegetables.  And it will serve as perfect leftovers!

Sunday: Leftovers and two separate receptions at church that day.


What’s Eatin’? #5

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What's Eatin?

Here we have a new month.  That means a new grocery budget.  But, I need to work hard this month still not to go over!  So, here is what I am cooking this week at Rainwood

Monday: Tonight we are having friends over – a triple date here at the house with kids.  Looking forward to it.  Stuffed Shells and Chocolate Dump Cake.  (Salad and bread are being supplied)  I’m making a double batch of the shells and will have leftovers I can freeze for us later.

Tuesday: I’ve got an AWB event to go to but I’m making Chicken Street Tacos in honor of Taco Tuesday.

Wednesday is soup day around here.  Since it is still going to be cold this week, I’m making Creamy Chicken and Kale Soup – a great way to get in those healthy greens full of vitamins.

Thursday: We are doing leftovers.

Friday: If all goes well we are spending Friday and Saturday with friends, but I have salted caramel sauce and smores pop tarts on the menu

What are you eating this week?

What’s Eatin’? #4

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What's Eatin?

Well, here we are – the end of the month. I’m trying to stay within my grocery budget for the first time – well, ever… My husband will thank me later!
So, we’ve got about 20$ left and I have to buy some things for the older boy.
Monday: Cilantro Lime Quinoa with Black Beans
Tuesday: Breakfast Tacos (because neither of us were hungry for them last week).
Wednesday: Chicken Salads. We love these – probably have them once a week. Healthy, quick, lighter dinner.
Thursday-Saturday – we are out and have date money! Yay!
Two things I’m baking:
Snickerdoodles for dessert on Tuesday night – part of my ELR14 cooking. And I’ll package some up for the friends who are watching our littles this weekend.
Cinnamon Toast Muffins: for Wednesday morning reading session and then for the Mister and I to take on our getaway.
What are you cooking this week? How do you stay on a budget when it comes to the end of the month?