Taste of Valle Crucis: The Ham Shoppe

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Tucked in between Blowing Rock, Boone, and Linville Falls, is a quaint little cafe (restaurant is further down the road) and dessertery that serves big sandwiches, and big everything else.
My friend, Tracy, recommended this place to me, she didn’t even know if it was still there.
Friendly employees, well-packed on the weekends, and fast service. Fresh baked bread, too.

NC Happenings: Hendersonville's NC Apple Festival

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Labor Day. End of summer. Beginning of Fall. Beautiful this time of year in North Carolina (Fall is definitely my favorite time of the year).
Over in a little town in the mountains of western NC, Labor Day brings hundreds of visitors to its quaint streets. Hendersonville comes alive!
My friends and I attended:
1. Loved the smell of the Greek food and roasted corn from Mother Shucker’s right when we turned the corner on to the main street of the fair.
2. I loved the Moss Farms where I could sample the apples but also mix and match my pecks that I bought.
3. I realized that Raleigh is sort of in a warp outside of Hendersonville.
4. Kilwin’s used local apples for their candied apples.
5. The Mast General Store had been there well before the turn of the century (1900) and had a quality assortment of long ago candy. And I stocked up on some mixed amish popcorn for 5$ (which is a better price than I can get in any grocery store.
6. I practiced restraint. We had just eaten at Hot Dog World, and even though all of the food smelled wonderful, I think I just took 2 bites of one apple. Thank you Jesus for self-control being put in practice that night.
7. I loved the sun glistening off the main street buildings. Pretty at sunset.
8. Singing in my head “small town Saturday night.” Everything’s a country song.

Next year, may make a return trip to the Apple Festival.