Much & Link Love – Feb 21 Edition

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1.  I need sound sleep.

2.  Held together like a pair of bookends – one of my fave lines right now in a song.

3.  What are my other favorite songs right now: Little Miss (Sugarland), Who Are You When I’m Not Looking (Blake Shelton), I Wouldn’t Be a Man (Josh Turner), Made for Colder Weather (ZBB), Hello World (Lady A), I Can’t Love You Back (Easton Corbin).

4.  Another way I handle stress is that I don’t eat as much usually because I don’t feel great – this might help me make some weight-loss goals. 

5.  I love the leadership at my church.  They are a grace to me.

6.  Just received an iTunes and SBux giftcard in the mail – that’s definitely a great way to start a Monday.

7.  Big news comes March 1.

8.  Everybody’s experience is different.  We can’t let media or other’s experiences dictate ours – we can only stand on Truth of God’s Word.

Link Love

Since I didn’t give you many last week because I did my Valentine’s Post, I owe you some good ones.

1.  I do like Andrew Peterson, and I do like this song, but I don’t think I’ll play it at my wedding…just a thought.

2.  Definitely want to serve this at a brunch if I have one in the near future – perfect for spring or summer.

3.  My friend, Courtney, hits on a topic all of us need to hear!

4.  Very much looking forward to this new Gospel Coalition project.

5.  I want to make this – maybe with sweet potatoes.  Need to go buy some brussel sprouts

6.  So thankful for being a part of a church where this issue isn’t a problem for corporate worship, but I know it is a needed discussion!

7.  I’m one of these, but I like how Macheesmo handles the criticism.  I try not to annoy folks with my camera!

8.  Vicki Courtney hits on a HUGE topic…one that is needed.  I see a lot of girls go by in the kids area where I serve who are dressed just like adult women just in small sized (heels, halter tops, latest fashions, etc).  Be wise.

9.  If anyone knows me at all – they will know my fave store bought cookie is the OREO!  Here is an amazing cookie I need to make.

Those 9 should hold you over till next week! 🙂