Hello December 14: Christmas Poetry, ornaments, and the such

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Oops I missed posting yesterday. It was a busy day in December, so I didn’t sit down at my computer all day. I had a haircut, errands to run, a nutrition appt with the younger little, then hanging out with my family, then date night with some friends. But, that is how I got the idea for today’s post.
Enjoy the pictures. They were taken at the Old State House Arkansas Chamber Singers Christmas concert. We went with some friends of ours who live down the street and work with my husband. Dinner and a show. The concert was great – they sound beautiful. The OSH was beautifully and simply decorated for Christmas.
One of the pieces the Singers did was done (the music) by one of their own. But, the poetry came from this guy: David Keig. It is called A Christmas Tree. Here is one of the lines. I’ll be writing more on this line later, but this is the line that stuck with me the most from that song:
“with dark green needled memories”

blue ornament kimberlyeric oldstatehouse state house yellow ornament

What Christmas memories do you have around the tree?


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Hope for the hurting

Found in my tears – they offer no consolation

Wiping tears, crying tears, flooding and staining my shirt

They keep coming knowing no end

Though weeping may last

You offer grace and a heart that is never closed to us

You wipe and keep our tears to everlasting

We offer listening ears and two shoulders

You bore on your shoulders the weight of our sin

You took up your cross and showed us compassion

Let us look at others with the same compassion

And show them You.


Original Free style poetry – KCampbell, 6.14.12