Creatives: Kelli @ Sweet Love Bakes

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Sweet Love Bakery

Bakeries.  Just the sight of them makes me want to stop, talk to the folks who run them, and eat their fabulous goodies that adorn their windows.  This one is no different.  How I came across Sweet Love Bakes was cool.  I asked some friends if there was a good place in Little Rock (local, not grocery store or pre-packaged) to get macarons because I wanted them for our Valentine’s dessert.  All friends pointed to the same bakery – Sweet Love Bakery which is only miles from our home.  I heart sprinkles


So, the husband and I went in there, sampled their peanut butter cookie (of course) and took home some French macarons for the dessert the next night.  Pink Champagne and Lavender Honey.  Oh. My. Gracious.  So light, deliciously flavored, and hit the spot.  I emailed Kelli right away to see if I could come to take some photos of her bakery and interview her.  She was delighted and we made a plan for a couple of weeks ago.

Kelli was hard at work preparing for a weekend full of delicious treats including an anniversary, a birthday, and goodies for the bakery shop.  Thank you for taking the time to talk with me and for the French macarons and cupcake.  They were amazing and the husband loved the cupcake filled with lemon curd!  Enjoy getting to know her and if you need any bakery needs here in Little Rock or Central Arkansas, please stop by.sprinkles

pucker up frame cupcake

How did you get started in baking?

Kelli has been baking for nearly 10 years and got started doing family baking.  She had the opportunity to make a cake for her grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary.  That’s not intimidating.  Her grandparents were thrilled to say that their granddaughter had made their cake.  With many other family opportunities, reading, and practice – she was hooked.  She loves to create art and knows that it is only temporary – but a temporary meant to be enjoyed – not immortalized!

What inspires your creativity?

She loves following other bakeries/chefs.  That will get her creative juices going.  Also, different mediums.  (That was really interesting to me.  So other mediums can inspire your love and creativity in the kitchen too).

What would you say to encourage others in their pursuit?

Wedding Cakes Little Rock

Practice Makes Perfect

Temporary Edible Beauty

You really have to pay your dues.  Its taken her ten years to get to where she is and she started Sweet Love Bakery two years ago.  She wouldn’t have been able to keep up with the demand and business if she had started the bakery 10 years ago (side note: she has her business degree, so that helps in running the bakery).  Quality can’t suffer as you grow.  Quality has to only improve!  When you are ready – it will happen!  Be prepared!

What is your favorite creation?

Her polo cake.  And that’s also her biggest lesson.  Watermark your photographs.  (I’ve started doing this because of our conversation.)

What is the hardest part of owning Sweet Love Bakery?

You can’t take things personally.  You try your best to get things just right for the customer’s specifications, then let it go.  You should always be learning and improving.

What do you think about French Macarons?

They are so time consuming and precise!  She has learned about flavorings and colors from making so many of them though!



Recap: Arkansas Flower & Garden Show 2014

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So much color filled the areas in the Statehouse Convention Center this weekend in downtown Little Rock.  Local vendors and businesses were all there to help you figure out how you are were going to style your spring: for your body, home, yard, and dinner tables.

The Arkansas Women Bloggers, of whom I am a part, was asked to run the social media outlet for the AFGS.  They did a fabulous job of welcoming attenders, answering questions, hosting guests, and being a friendly face at the front of the exhibit hall.

Arkansas Women Bloggers

Our yard in West Little Rock right now is still dead.  Its brown, yucky brown.  It needs help.  As we were pulling in this afternoon from church I saw the little green shoots of flowers in our backyard garden island.  I can’t wait to see our bushes and flowering plants in full bloom.  Our family was able to catch a glimpse of the colors that will be filling our yard as we ventured through the exhibit hall and up on the main floor where the award-winning plants were.IMG_6645


AFGS 2014





My favorite part of looking at flowers and marveling at their beauty is knowing the One who created them all.  He designed every plant that has ever grown.  We get to bask in the colors of the goodness God has blessed us with.  That’s one of the reasons I look forward to spring.  On our third date I remember my (now) husband and I walking through the Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Durham, NC.  I took about a gazillion pictures of the masterful tulips.  He just smiled and watched.  I knew he was a keeper on that day.

So, when the buds start coming up in your back yard, sit back and watch them, admiring their beauty, and bless others with their goodness.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like to get flowers.

Note: I was given tickets to the Garden Show during a #bloggersinbloom event a few weeks ago.  Thank you for the tickets – and all thoughts and photos are my own.


On Location: Trapnall Hall (Little Rock, Arkansas)

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Over the summer the Mister and I took a “babymoon” to downtown Little Rock to do some exploring without the kiddos. One of the places we stopped by was this beautiful old mansion in the heart of downtown that is perfect for weddings, dinner parties, or photography sessions. I loved the details found in the lace curtains, the dishes laying around, the rugs, and sitting spots perfectly located near bright open windows with rays of sunshine pouring in.

If you need a place to take your bridal shots or wedding party planning – check out Trapnall Hall. You won’t be disappointed.

Trapnall Hall











Hello December 14: Christmas Poetry, ornaments, and the such

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Oops I missed posting yesterday. It was a busy day in December, so I didn’t sit down at my computer all day. I had a haircut, errands to run, a nutrition appt with the younger little, then hanging out with my family, then date night with some friends. But, that is how I got the idea for today’s post.
Enjoy the pictures. They were taken at the Old State House Arkansas Chamber Singers Christmas concert. We went with some friends of ours who live down the street and work with my husband. Dinner and a show. The concert was great – they sound beautiful. The OSH was beautifully and simply decorated for Christmas.
One of the pieces the Singers did was done (the music) by one of their own. But, the poetry came from this guy: David Keig. It is called A Christmas Tree. Here is one of the lines. I’ll be writing more on this line later, but this is the line that stuck with me the most from that song:
“with dark green needled memories”

blue ornament kimberlyeric oldstatehouse state house yellow ornament

What Christmas memories do you have around the tree?

Truly Families: The Cranford Family

I love getting to know families: how they interact, how they laugh, how they love!  This family is no different.  It was a cold day here in Little Rock the day that we had scheduled photos.  Their kiddos were troopers.  I loved how the parents stayed calm and peaceful in talking with their children even in fussy times.  It was a blessing to see.  And to photograph!


















Contact me at kimddavidson @ gmail dot com if you would like a photography session for any reason.

Coffee with…Tricia Goyer

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Panera is good for lots of things: food, writing, second office, and meeting new friends.  Today: it was a bit of all four!

I was introduced to Tricia before I moved to Little Rock and I knew I wanted to meet her.  She is a few years ahead of me in life and many years ahead of me in writing and motherhood.  She was a blessing to sit down with and learn how she got started and what her life is like.  With these pictures and short interview: I hope you will feel like you joined us at our table at Panera.

1.  What is your greatest joy as a Mom?  Snuggling and reading books.  It is one of my favorite times of the day!

2.  When did you start writing?  When I was a stay-at-home-mommy at the age of 22.  A friend was working on a novel and I realized it was something I could do at home.  I went to my first writer’s conference in California in 1994.  I love the friends I met there and the community I still have with them today.

3.  What is your favorite menu item at Panera?  Broccoli-cheddar soup.  I have to find a healthy(ier) item to balance it out.  The seasonal pumpkin muffins are wonderful!

4.  What is your favorite book you have written?  Night Song was my second novel.  It was set in my favorite country: the Czech Republic during WWII.  It is about a 13-year old boy.  I cried while writing it.  I haven’t read it since it was written in 1994.  I hope I still like it 🙂

5.  What is the Scripture that has been encouraging to you this week?  “If we humble ourselves, He will lift us up.”  Coming back from Allume, I was so blessed by all the women I met, such a community, such a blessing.  I in turn want to help people all the time.

And today, Tricia, you were.  Thanks for helping me network, encouraging me as a mom and writer, and for having lunch! 

You can read all of Tricia’s books: fiction, non-fiction, devotional.  Check out her blog and find her on facebook and twitter.

2012 Arkansas Cornbread Festival

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You know you are still in the South when on a Saturday in November you head out to a cornbread festival.  It was my first outing in Little Rock.

There was a diverse crowd there and almost as many ways people cook cornbread.

Scattered on Main Street were individuals and professionals (like the Capitol Hotel and Boulevard Bread) who had entered their authentic recipe for cornbread to be chosen the winner of this year’s festival.  But, along with the cornbread there was live music, arts and crafts, and even someone’s pet pig.

One of the vendors I stopped at was BVann Originals – bags, gifts, and pretty things that all had a touch of uniqueness.  B.Vann and his other workers at his table were very nice to talk with and let me take their picture. 

I tasted two good ones today – most were rather dry and served with good sides (meaning the sides were better than the star of the show, the cornbread).  They served authentic southern sides as chili, red beans, chicken and dumplings, and of course a variety of greens.  The best savory one I thought was more of a spoon bread sitting on top of some well-seasoned collards.  delicious.  Hint of jalapeno and sweetness.  Perfect combination.  The other one was sweet – like desssert sweet.  Pumpkin Spice Cornbread, topped with homemade local coffee ice cream and drizzled with caramel sauce.  Definitely a winner – and definitely non-traditional.

My only disappointment was there was no cornbread you could buy to take home – and no “secret” recipes to be given out.

I look forward to exploring more of the new state we live in.