Coffee with: Cathy of Cathy Nugent Weddings


I really love Southern friends.  I mean, just hearing yall, a sweet laughter, and an hospitable chat over a cup of coffee, can definitely set a new friendship, a fun morning, and a commonality in all things southern and creative.

Atlanta has been blessed with a young girl from Texas who loves all things wedding.  i met Cathy in our Pursuit ATL group, and we’ve already had coffee.  So, I wanted to introduce yall to her.  Whether you are planning a wedding, or just love to hear a creative chat about what she loves, including her husband, her dog, and mochas – then keep reading.  If you are planning on getting married soon in the ATL metro, or know someone who is, she’s your girl!

1. Tell us about your story? Who are you?

So, my name is Cathy Nugent! Before you ask if I am related to Ted, I think my husband is somewhere in there but I have yet to meet him! I am a 23 year old living the life of owning her own creative business after taking a leap of faith, and let me tell you: it is my dream job! I am a wedding planner, coordinator, and designer who loves to blog. I also like to dabble in calligraphy on the side as well as be a regular attender at weekly craft nights with my bible study girls, so I guess you could call me the jack of all trades. I am married to a cowboy, and we have a chocolate lab fur baby together named Beaux. I have lived all over the country growing up, but I am currently planting my roots here in Atlanta after moving here in June with my husband. We moved from College Station, Texas where we actually met while we attended Texas A&M University. (Whoop! Go Aggies!) Anyone who knows me knows that I have a high key obsession with Fixer Upper, and I pride myself on having Joanna Gaines as my spirit animal. My husband and I dream of one day buying our own fixer upper here in Georgia!

2. How did you come to love weddings so much that you wanted it to be your full time job?

To be honest, I fell in love with weddings when I met my husband. It was one of those things where we knew right away that God had brought us together. I became one of those girls who had a secret wedding Pinterest board! How my business started was actually opposite how many other people in the industry got their start. After I got engaged, I actually had a wedding blog where I would write about wedding stuff and my own wedding planning. My husband and I were long distance a lot of our engagement and my family was so spread out that it was hard to have everyone so involved. I’m known as the crafty one among my friends, and I have always loved to write, so I used my blog as the opportunity to share with the world what I was up to (with never failing to add in a whole lot of sass). Before I knew it I had a following, and my office hours as a TA turned into wedding planning sessions. I realized how much I was helping people and how much people listened to what I had to say. (and better yet, how much I loved it!) After a lot of prayer I took a leap of faith in starting a business out of my blog and skills, and I have never turned back since!

3.  How does your faith inspire your work?

I am a firm believer that my work would be nothing without my faith. Period. I have yet to wake up to face a day without praying for God to lead me to the people who need me. With that being said, I feel like God’s love is what I strive to be seen through my work because, after all, “We love because He first loved us.” My dream is for everyone who comes into contact with my work – whether bride and groom or just a wedding guest – to be overwhelmed with the feeling of God’s love.

4.  What is your favorite part of wedding planning?

My favorite part of the wedding planning is seeing the excitement of the bride and groom after they’ve just gotten married. I am a firm believer that everyone deserves to have their best-day-ever on their wedding day, and being able to help bring a couple’s dream wedding day to life is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. It makes my heart so full to know that they will remember nothing but how amazing their day truly was – because they got married! All of the stress I may have faced getting everything perfect melts away when I see the smiles on their faces. It’s one of my favorite things in the whole world.

5.  Since you are in the wedding business – about love, what is your favorite part about your own wedding and what do you love most about your mister?

I think my favorite part of my own wedding day was our wedding ceremony. Although it rained on and off all day and the ceremony was forced to be moved inside, it was even more perfect than I originally had planned it to be. It was a lot more cozy, and the room was overflowing with just so much love. (To the point my non-emotional husband actually choked up reading his vows!)
Although he’s not the emotional type, I am definitely way too emotional so it evens it out! I think what I love the most about my husband is how from day 1, he has lead our relationship like God has called the husband to do. And most importantly, he makes me want to be a better wife as he is constantly leading me closer to Jesus. He loves me well and has been a true protector and provider over me.
6. How does the creative community work together in this industry?
The creative community that I have found in Atlanta is absolutely amazing. I feel so blessed each and every day for the support of those in the industry running the same race that I am. Through vendor communities such as the Rising Tide Society as well as Pursuit, there is really a sense of community over competition and helping each other out. Together there is an amazing support system, problem solving help, and a close knit of referrals to help out each other’s businesses. Plus, I get to have coffee with amazing people like you on the regular, so it makes me enjoy what I do even more!
7. What’s your fave coffee shop and what would you drink?
Kimberly, you know how much I love coffee. There’s just something about the amazing conversations that can happen over a good cup of coffee. Since I am new to Atlanta, I am still searching out them all. I am a sucker for trying new coffee shops! So far I have fallen in love with Octane in West Midtown and Cool Beans Coffee Roasters in Marietta Square. Don’t tell my husband because we are suppose to be on a diet, but I can’t help but order a Mocha!
We’ve already talked about our mutual love of Cafe Intermezzo – so maybe a late night work session.  Can’t wait to hear her co-teach a meet-up next week on blogging – definitely one of my loves that often gets put to the back burner.

31 Hymns: Fairest Lord Jesus

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Fairest Lord Jesus

I love reflecting on our wedding day!  We just celebrated 3 years last week so it is always good to think about the actual wedding ceremony.

One of my husband’s groomsmen is an exceptional guitarist.  I asked him if he would play my bridal march because I wanted something simple and acoustic.  I told him I wanted Fairest Lord Jesus played as I walked down the aisle.  He arranged an amazing version and I love the song even more now.

We sang this hymn yesterday in church.  As my husband and I were talking about it, he pointed out verse 2 and the abrupt change in the lyrics.  The hymnwriter begins focusing on creation – but then does an about face to talk about Jesus.

The Agent of Creation!

When I was walking down the aisle, a dream every woman has…I knew every eye would be on me.  But, no matter how my hair or dress or boots looked that day – my Bridegroom is much fairer.

Thanks Craig for helping others see that!

Creatives: Kelli @ Sweet Love Bakes

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Sweet Love Bakery

Bakeries.  Just the sight of them makes me want to stop, talk to the folks who run them, and eat their fabulous goodies that adorn their windows.  This one is no different.  How I came across Sweet Love Bakes was cool.  I asked some friends if there was a good place in Little Rock (local, not grocery store or pre-packaged) to get macarons because I wanted them for our Valentine’s dessert.  All friends pointed to the same bakery – Sweet Love Bakery which is only miles from our home.  I heart sprinkles


So, the husband and I went in there, sampled their peanut butter cookie (of course) and took home some French macarons for the dessert the next night.  Pink Champagne and Lavender Honey.  Oh. My. Gracious.  So light, deliciously flavored, and hit the spot.  I emailed Kelli right away to see if I could come to take some photos of her bakery and interview her.  She was delighted and we made a plan for a couple of weeks ago.

Kelli was hard at work preparing for a weekend full of delicious treats including an anniversary, a birthday, and goodies for the bakery shop.  Thank you for taking the time to talk with me and for the French macarons and cupcake.  They were amazing and the husband loved the cupcake filled with lemon curd!  Enjoy getting to know her and if you need any bakery needs here in Little Rock or Central Arkansas, please stop by.sprinkles

pucker up frame cupcake

How did you get started in baking?

Kelli has been baking for nearly 10 years and got started doing family baking.  She had the opportunity to make a cake for her grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary.  That’s not intimidating.  Her grandparents were thrilled to say that their granddaughter had made their cake.  With many other family opportunities, reading, and practice – she was hooked.  She loves to create art and knows that it is only temporary – but a temporary meant to be enjoyed – not immortalized!

What inspires your creativity?

She loves following other bakeries/chefs.  That will get her creative juices going.  Also, different mediums.  (That was really interesting to me.  So other mediums can inspire your love and creativity in the kitchen too).

What would you say to encourage others in their pursuit?

Wedding Cakes Little Rock

Practice Makes Perfect

Temporary Edible Beauty

You really have to pay your dues.  Its taken her ten years to get to where she is and she started Sweet Love Bakery two years ago.  She wouldn’t have been able to keep up with the demand and business if she had started the bakery 10 years ago (side note: she has her business degree, so that helps in running the bakery).  Quality can’t suffer as you grow.  Quality has to only improve!  When you are ready – it will happen!  Be prepared!

What is your favorite creation?

Her polo cake.  And that’s also her biggest lesson.  Watermark your photographs.  (I’ve started doing this because of our conversation.)

What is the hardest part of owning Sweet Love Bakery?

You can’t take things personally.  You try your best to get things just right for the customer’s specifications, then let it go.  You should always be learning and improving.

What do you think about French Macarons?

They are so time consuming and precise!  She has learned about flavorings and colors from making so many of them though!



On Location: Trapnall Hall (Little Rock, Arkansas)

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Over the summer the Mister and I took a “babymoon” to downtown Little Rock to do some exploring without the kiddos. One of the places we stopped by was this beautiful old mansion in the heart of downtown that is perfect for weddings, dinner parties, or photography sessions. I loved the details found in the lace curtains, the dishes laying around, the rugs, and sitting spots perfectly located near bright open windows with rays of sunshine pouring in.

If you need a place to take your bridal shots or wedding party planning – check out Trapnall Hall. You won’t be disappointed.

Trapnall Hall











Wilmington Event: 128 South Fall Preview

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In the words of Anne of Green Gables “This might ruin every day life for good.” A surprise ending to my day trip to Wilmington was attending the Fall Preview Open House at 128 South. Want to know if the gorgeous reflective stained glass is real – yes it is. Mid-1800s. Beautiful.
JJ and his team at 128 South (with the adjacent, red-highlighted Stemmerman’s Inn which was established in 1855) put on a wonderful event highlighting some of the city’s local vendors that are available for events and weddings. Some of the vendors who were showcased that evening were indigosilver who had done a brilliant job displaying portraits of work shot. They also rent out their studio and provide what you might need for a photo shoot. Social Butterfly Events’ owners were such gracious hosts to their corner of the building. Talkative, informative, passionate about their work, these two ladies know what they are doing when it comes to designing cards and invites for any occasion and coordinating weddings, along with many other events or needs you might need. Heather and Charyl have a knack for the industry. 128 South had other vendors there but those were the specific ones who I had a chance to interact with.
The food was delicious and satisfying. A spread of heavy hors d’oeuvres which included crab cakes, crab dip (so much than the lunch I had that day), chicken marsala, asian meatballs, grilled asparagus, goat cheese (which is always a winner with me), and an open bar kept the patrons and seekers satisfied.
128 South is available for events of many different natures. They can hold 120-150, have an upstairs, bar area, beautiful downtown Wilmington view, and a courteous staff and owners. It was a pleasure to be there that evening.