St. Patrick's Day Green Smoothie

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This was so yummy! 🙂 Maybe my fave green smoothie to date!
At Whole Foods on Sunday, I bought a little packet of this stuff. I had tried it in there one day, didn’t want to pay a TON for it, so then I saw this little packet – that’s my style. Added good nutrients to my already good for me smoothie.
Also in the smoothie was 1/4 cup of this yummy stuff! More nutrients and added good smooth texture! Got it at Whole Foods too!
Also normal stuff: 1 1/2 cup frozen strawberries (from Huber’s last year), 1/2 red pear, 16 oz water, 1/2 banana, 1 1/2 big handfulls of spinach.

This was so good. I drank half and will drink the other half for breakfast this morning. I anticipate being full until my lunch at Cheesecake Factory!

Product Review: Two Moms in the Raw Blueberry Granola Bar

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Love the perks of knowing the baristas at your neighborhood Starbucks. They give you samples. My friend broke into the new items – Two Moms in the Raw granola packs – and gave me a sample.
Here are my thoughts:
1. I know its healthy for you. All natural and organic ingredients. All raw and sprouted. There are definitely health benefits.
2. It is way expensive.
3. It you are going to call something blueberry granola, then the product better taste a whole lot like blueberry. This didn’t. The only ingredients in the list after blueberries were agave, cinnamon, and sea salt.
4. Good crunch for the granola bar.
5. 220 cal 9 fat 4 fiber
6. Good for those who are allergic to wheat or gluten or dairy.
7. I wouldn’t trade any granola bar I’ve had so far for it. Kind Bars are great and Starbucks has started carrying those.

Two Moms in the Raw – any other products I can review? I am always up for samples. And from past experience, just one disappointing food adventure doesn’t always lead to others.

Product Review: Ciao Bella Sorbet

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Love. This. Stuff.
Whole Foods comes through in little individual containers of yummy goodness!
Ciao Bella is a gelato place in NYC (they have some great stuff don’t they) – and they send their sorbet to my Whole Foods here in Louisville.
I tried the Sicilian Blood Orange flavor of sorbet. For 100 calories – amazing. I felt like I was eating a blood orange with a spoon. I also put a scoop of free cool whip and a sprinkle of coconut on top – just for textural and temperature changes (important in my consumption of cold things).
1. With this, I don’t have to wait till the oranges are in season
2. I don’t have to be in Florida to get good oranges when I have this stuff.
3. It was cold – which felt good on my sore throat
4. It was better for me than ice cream.
5. I will be trying other flavors.

Yum – hey Ciao Bella people – got any coupons?