My Favorite Tools: Pencils

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I need to be more diligent in writing on this blog.  So…on Tuesdays for a while you are going to get a look into some of my favorite tools: whether they be writing or cooking.

Pencils.  I love the smell of pencils, feel of pencils, the erasers, the famous line in You’ve Got Mail about fall in new york – it makes you want to go be pencils, the colors, the designs, or just the plain yellow #2. 

I used to hate using pencils: they reminded me of standardized tests.  I DESPISE those things.  I am not very good at them – I’m surprised I got into college, though I would never have been allowed in to UF.  Oh, well, Flagler had to do.

But, now, they take me back to a simpler time.  I love sharpening them – oh the joy of pencil sharpeners – one of the most modern-less pieces of office equipment, now almost extinct.  We have one in the copy room next to my office.  I may need to invest in one for me office, especially if I move offices. 

I love the smell of freshly sharpened pencils.

I love the mistake factor already built in.  Did you know Sharpie came out with a permanent mechanical pencil?  Well, mechanical pencils are fine – but that takes away the simplicity, smell, and beauty of a slim line and fine point that a freshly sharpened pencil can leave on a paper.

What do you like to write with?

Come back next Tuesday to learn about my love of fountain pens!

Yoplait Giveaway

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Smoothies are everywhere! Lyon in the Kitchen had one on his show the other day. Green Smoothies are all the health rage. Smoothie King is raking in the dough! So, wanna make your own at home?
Yoplait and My Blog Spark are giving you the chance for a “Free” smoothie. You get a coupon for a Yoplait Smoothie (found in freezer dessert section) and a single serve blender – I LOVED THIS this morning. Will definitely keep it.
You could either drink the whole thing, or actually have two servings. The one I chose, the Strawberry Mango Pineapple was a little sweet – but those are naturally sweet fruits too.
So, all you have to do is leave me a comment – what is your favorite smoothie? It can be homemade, green, take out, restaurant, whatever…
Let me know!