W&BT Found in Him Week 3

Moms, the Word, and Worship

This is a little late in coming because we were trying to get our home back in order after being gone for two weeks.  Its gets harder when you have more clothes to wash (2 little boys and 2 weeks of travel).  I definitely thought this was the richest chapter yet and it met the rest of my life as I was reading it.  Here are my top thoughts from reading chapter three.

1.  Sometimes I wish I had said something.  I would never think to refer to the Incarnation – and all the parts of the whole – as an “exquisite mystery”.  Maybe this is why I like Elyse so much.  She knows how to pen her thoughts in beautiful packages.  I was telling my Mister tonight about how the Incarnation seems to be getting more mysterious to me the more I read this book and think upon that doctrine.  What parts are more of a mystery to you?  The fact that he was God?  Or the fact that He was human.  For me, its that He was human.  But, for me, all I need to know is written in the Word so that I might know Him – and in eternity I will know Him more.

2.  This is specifically for moms: do you ever feel like no one knows what your days are like?  Like no one really knows you or your trials?  Like no one knows what you go through loving on your kids each day (and pulling bubble gum out of hair and peeling spaghetti noodles from the wall and scrubbing marker off of the baseboards?  This was very encouraging to me: Jesus lived his whole life in faithful obedience – all 33 years – not just the three in public ministry.  “if our understanding of his work pauses after a brief celebration in Bethlehem to resume only at his baptism in the Jordan, we rob ourselves of the comfort that his whole life of isolation, obscurity, and obedience are meant to bring us.  Generally ignored, he toiled without complaint, suffering humbly.  He wasn’t merely treading water.  Jesus’ life of ordinary (yet spectacular) obedience changed everything.  He needed to live a full life of joyous obedience in order to save us.  He grew from blissful innocence to tested holiness in the crucible of daily life.”  How is God shaping you and perfecting you in the crucible of daily life.  My mentor and I have been talking about this the past few days.  Knowing there is great reward in the daily – seek faithfulness and the glory of God.

3.  God’s Word is reliable.  Elyse says that – we can believe it.  We can believe in the Bible’s reliability not because Elyse says it – but because God says it.  Jesus knows the Word.  He spoke the Word while He was on earth.  God-breathed was the Word that he was quoting in the wilderness – and in many other instances in his earthly life.  God gave it to us as a means to know Him – let us love this reliable word.

4.  “The Lord Jesus had a practiced habit of exclusive worship of his Father.”  Another one of those quotes I wish I had penned.  What do you in the ordinary?  How do you live your life daily?  Do  you wait for a trial to come before you pray?  Do you wait until you need an answer before you read the Word?  Do you wait till you have a Bible study lesson to prepare before you dig into the Scriptures?  When trials come – what do you have to cling to?  If you are in the practiced habit, like Jesus was, of daily walking with God, His and our Father, then your life will demonstrate that as you face the trials that all of use are going to face in this life.

5.  “Recall the perfect obedience of the Son in your place and go on your way in faith.”  There is an age old discussion about faith and works.  What the Bible clearly says is that salvation comes through Christ alone – by faith alone (and that faith is a gift not of ourselves) and then we are to walk in the good ways that God has for us.  So often though as believers, when we are failing and struggling in sin, our minds battle with our assurance of salvation.  If we constantly look inward and look to ourselves and our good works as a measure of our salvation – we will never be sure of it.  Because we will always be failing.  We must look to, rely upon, and rejoice in the perfected work of Christ.

Happy reading!

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  1. summer sontag

    okay, I am going to answer some of your questions and then share my thoughts.
    1. The question about the incarnation…..what is so amazing to me is what I shared about the last chapter that Jesus is STILL fully man. I have been mulling that over all week. It has lead to some great convo between my love and myself and it has inspired us both to search out additional thoughts on the matter. But like you, I agree that God tells us these things in His word, and so we can rest in the fact that they are true.

    2. Serving in obscurity is always hard. I don’t care what the task may be. But, knowing that God knows and cares and sees often makes it easier to handle. I keep coming back to this thought: “joyful obedience” the question for me again is where is the “joyful” part. God tells us that His yoke is easy and his burden is light….those words to me sound like joy should not be hard to attain. But, often joy is lost. I LONG to obey in JOY and seeing how Jesus was able to do it, motivates me to strive all the more. Also on pg 60…..Fitzpatrick says ” Jesus learned by experience what it was to be gentle and lowly in heart.” And, He has left that example for us….if we only seek Him and obey. In answer to the question about the crucible of daily life, it is the daily dying to myself…..just like we saw Jesus do in His earthly ministry….die to self!

    4. As I read on pg 68, where she contrasted the temptation of Adam in the garden and Jesus…..she talked about how Adam had it PERFECT….and He had a perfect wife…Jesus however, only had faith in His fathers word to sustain Him. That was a powerful thought…..Faith in the Fathers word to sustain me.

    okay, on pg 66 where she talked about Baptism…I was unclear about her train of thought. To me, it COULD lead the reader to think that baptism is necessary for salvation. I read it to Kevin and he did not get that same read but, to me it was a bit “loose”. I did however LOVE the thought that was brought out about after Jesus being baptized, we see His new name> and what that made me think of is after we hide our life in Christ, we get a new name too and we are known as something different.

    Pg 69….ouch point. “instead, He RESISTED the temptation to promote Himself. He would NOT promote himself. (emph mine) Ouch and ouch again….How often do I do something nice or “right” and right away go and tell someone? I will have to remind myself of this often…..it’s like the verse in scripture….”let another mans lips praise you”

    Pg 70 “Every temptation is a trial of our faith in God’s promises”….and I would add this, it is to question His person……who He is. After studying the attributes of God, I am more compelled to know HIM more so that in trial, I can remember WHO he is.

    Overall, a good chapter.

  2. summer sontag

    Hey, I posted my thoughts and I thought it “took” but then I came back to say something else and don’t find it…..I wonder what happened?

    • summer sontag

      ha ha! never mind! awaiting moderation! I didn’t realize you moderated!!! 😉

      • Kimberly

        I do moderate them because of spam which I hate and I still get.
        That “promote yourself” thing was a fantastic and challenging thought for me as well. And I’m glad this is spurring you to talk with K about this book – E and I love talking about what we are both reading. Baptism isn’t necessary – of course she wouldn’t say that – so I’m glad K had different thoughts and is challenging you in your reading. Another good reason to talk with our loves. For me on the Baptism part it was good to hear bc so many people get re-baptized over and over and over again! 🙂