This Week in the Charming South Kitchen

Street Corn

I love a new month!  Bring on September, new menus, new pictures, new reading challenges, new weight challenges, new friends, new adventures.  Prime word is NEW!

This month we are going on vacation to a place we both vacationed as children with our families of origin and now we get to introduce our boys to the joy of Vogel State Park.  Our older boy turns two so get ready for birthday blogs.  Its fun!  So, let’s get going!

Having a freezer meal party (pictures forthcoming) and am bringing chicken rice broccoli cheese casserole.  Recipe forthcoming

Snickerdoodle Cookie Sandwiches with Spiced Pumpkin Buttercream – recipe forthcoming

These white beans.  Talk about comfort food.

Homemade Baguette – we will see about this.

Chicken Raspberry Mozzerella Salad

Street Corn Quiche – I can’t leave summer altogether – Recipe Forthcoming

Going Indian and making Tikka Masala and some Naan bread

Asian Pear salad with a cranberry and pear balsamic – and goat cheese of course!

What are you cooking this week?

  1. Christina

    Let’s see… tonight is a whole foods version of buttery garlic shrimp, sautéed veggies, quinoa. I hope to make a coconut curry chicken with veggies one night, and maybe a spinach artichoke spaghetti squash with some sort of chicken another night. We eat at church Wednesday night, and the rest of the week will consist of leftovers and sandwiches! 🙂