High King of Heaven (review)

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Edited books are fun. Here’s why. You get so many different perspectives in one book.  Usually the authors are coming from one point of view or worldview.

This book, edited by John MacArthur, such a scholar and pastor for decades, is all about the Kingship of Jesus.  Covers many topics and all grounded in Scripture.  Not just tagging a Scripture, but grounding their conclusions in the Word of God.

Since you do have so many personalities in the writing, I found some of the book to be haughty in its language, tone, and how it applied the Word.  But, other parts I felt were winsome and engaging.

If you need a book to help you through maybe a time of the liturgical calendar year, to focus on King Jesus, this would be a helpful one.  And it would make you think and get to know your own way you can be winsome and engaging with the authority of Jesus.

Thanks to Moody Publishers for sending me this book to review.  All opinions are my own.

August Podcast Roundup

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Now that school has started back I have more time to listen to podcasts in the car while I’m driving around town or working on art projects at home – or just cleaning or cooking dinner.

So, here are a list of my favorites this month.  Some are new, some are older.  But, I hope you listen to them and are encouraged like I was.  And if you have any podcasts that you’ve loved (specific episodes, please tell me about them!

The Turquoise Table.  Not one of her’s in particular but her tagline “gather small, love deep”.  I love that.  I love having a few people at a time at our table.  Not only because we don’t have a huge table but more importantly because I love being about to talk with people.  And if you have lots of people over at once you get a bunch of short conversations instead of deep meaningful ones.

Sally Clarkson – quite a few this month:  This one on cultivating creativity in your children was probably my favorite one all month.  Such a good reminder of grace and the gospel in this one.  And you will wanna check out her latest one’s with Sarah (her daughter) on Book Girl.

I’ve been to many women’s conferences.  I wish every woman, whether a speaker or not, would listen to this one from Christy Wright.

Mamas or teachers of little ones will love this podcast for early readers.

Bret Lott shares on creativity and writing and being a Christian in the secular world.  

Amber Tysl joins my friend Sarah to talk about hospitality and thrifting.  I really wish I could sit down with Amber – who is a mama, photographer, thrifter, DIYer, and loves hospitality. I think we could be friends.

This Isaiah 61 episode of The Summit Church’s Praying the Bible – spot on!





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Partnering with Audra Jennings to bring you a review of Homespun.

I’ve really liked some Amish fiction over the years, probably ever since college when I toured the Indiana Amish country during a friend’s wedding.  Simplicity and faith and order and quiet.  Those were pretty intriguing to a 20 year old.

Homespun is a book filled with hospitality, family, friendship, community, faith, and a host of other topics.  All written by women who are in the Amish or Mennonite communities.  These are not fiction, which I love.

I really felt like I was sitting down with many of these authors and having coffee or swinging on a porch swing in the Autumn air.  Just chatting, hearing their hearts – and much of their heart is the same things that find their root in my heart.

If you love memoir type books or biographical essays – I think you’ll really enjoy this book.


Dinner for Dinos

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Meal times at our house aren’t where I want them – but nor are they are bad as they once were.


I remember when our older was little, we’d spend every night sweeping up the crumbs on the floor thinking this season would last forever.  Then we had a second little boy.  So, the season stretched on.

But, then you know what, they learn how to eat.  Now, we seldom have to sweep the floor, though my husband is gracious and sweeps our eating area!

Now, we don’t have to deal with messes all the time, but instead we are teaching our boys how to have conversation at the table, no burping at the table, not to try to be silly and make the other one laugh at the table, how to sit and wait for everyone to finish or not start until every one sits down, not to bring toys to the table.

Instead, we want our table to be a life-giving spot. A spot to talk, enjoy good food, talk about our days, share life together.  We’ll get there.  Its not where I want it to be – but we can take steps every meal to get there, right?

Do you have any tips on how to make meal times

better with young school age kids?

Tommy Nelson sent me this book about dinosaurs and dinner.  Yes, I thought it was a perfect book for our family because sometimes we have dinosaurs at the dinner table with us.  In this book the author talks about shopping for food, the health benefits of certain foods, eating foods you may not like, setting the table, eating everything and not burping, and enjoying the food.

So, if your kids love dinosaurs and you want a book about how to eat at the dinner table – then this book is for you.  You can win a copy of this book for yourself.  Just tell me

What is your child’s favorite meal? 

What meal will they gobble up and ask for seconds and want every meal?

Finding Gobi (giveaway)

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(AD : I was given this book by Tommy Nelson in exchange for an honest review of the book and this giveaway is also sponsored by them.)

We are big dog lovers in our house – until they get up to us.

I grew up with such a fear of dogs.  My brother had a dog when we were little.  Smurty was his name (I think).  He died of heart worms.  My brother loved dogs, and still does as he has several rescue dogs.

I was bitten by a family’s dog in middle school and remember being terrified of walking home from the school bus because there were pitbulls in the neighbors yard.  I just walked or ran as quickly as I could.

My husband loves dogs . He had a beagle growing up called Cagney – like the 80s tv show.

Our boys love dogs.  But, they love them until they get up close to them and see how big or how loud they are.  Even if the dog is cute and friendly they don’t want anything to do with them unless they are at least 10 feet away.

We aren’t planning on getting a dog anytime soon, even though we have the perfect backyard for it.  We don’t have the time or money for the vet bills and another mouth to feed.  We won’t be having any family pictures with little fur babies in it.  I’m a boy mom, not a fur mom.  I think they are adorable, but for someone else.

Unless, you can offer me a cat.  Yes, that’s right, I’m a cat person.  A cat is introverted and content to curl up on the sofa.  That’s me. But, my mister and one of our boys is allergic – so that won’t be happening either.

So, how do I get my boys to love dogs – I read them dog stories.  Our boys have stuffed dogs that they have named and carry with them everywhere.  And that’s as good as its going to get for a while.

Finding Gobi is a little tale about friendship, companionship through the rough times in life, and faithfulness.  These are all traits that I’d love to see our boys develop as they get older.  Persevering and faithfulness are two character traits that our world sees greatly lacking in men.

If you’d like a chance to get a copy of this board book about a dog named Gobi for your son or daughter, a great read aloud for little ones, just comment with what your ideal pet would be?

Thanks Tommy Nelson!

Favorite Summer Read-Alouds

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Now that school has begun for both of my boys, I have more time to blog.

I thought I’d start by telling you some of our favorite read aloud books this summer. I started with longer books (like Farmer Boy and Trumpet of the Swan, but my younger one wasn’t into it).  So, we will try again later.

But, picture books still rule in our home.

Little Wolf’s First Howling This is a good reason to have friends who love to read.  I was recommended this book by two of my friends who have girls.  My boys died laughing at this.  We had so much fun reading it together!

The Circus Ship I heard about this book on a podcast that Sarah MacKenzie was being interviewed on. We totally enjoyed it – and we adults love the tale too.

When the Cows Got Loose This was a fun story with bright colors.

Dino-Racing What a perfect story combination for my boys: dinosaurs and race cars

Motor Goose My boys still love mighty machines, so this was a great one to read one afternoon.

Muncha Muncha Muncha – You gotta have ways to make your kids eat more vegetables, right?

At bedtime, we took turns reading a little bit of Farmer Boy, Where the Sidewalk Ends, and Frog and Toad

What did you read this summer with your kids?

This time last year: I gave you a review of my favorite book I read in 2017.

Two years ago I gave you some tips on how to survive Mondays – but really this applies to every day of the week!

Three Years Ago: I talk about farmers markets and cookbooks

Favorite Podcasts August Edition

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My favorite way to spend long drives or time in car running errands is by listening to podcasts.  I thought I would share with you some of my favorites each month.

Surviving Sarah (the one with Heather McFadyen)

5 Questions

Sally Clarkson

Chompers (for the boys to brush their teeth)

Lazy Genius (cleaning and salad ones are my faves lately, oh and the farmers market one)

God Centered Mom the one with Jen Wilkin

What are some of your favorite podcasts – especially specific episodes. Leave me some new ones in the comments!  I’ll be sharing mine more next month!

My Daily Face Routine

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Ok – so 41 years in the making, and I think, at least for now, I’ve gotten my face routine down.

Wow.  I remember using Noxzema, Mary Kay, every over the counter product or line basically.  But, now, as I’m getting older my face has regulated (you know, changing in hormones – even with a few autoimmune disorders).

I’ve never really had problematic skin, but would have the typical hormone-related black outs as a teenager (and as a mama!).  Seriously, do you ever get too old for acne – apparently not.

But, I really love my skin right now, so I thought I would share with you the products I use.  None of these are affiliate and I’m not getting paid for any of this.  Just like what I use!

And before I go on, I would like to tell you what I love about my skin: it is so soft right now.  Its not oily.  It breaks out minimally but then clears up very quickly.  I have normal skin on my face, not too sensitive, not too oily or dry.  So, if you want nice soft, clean skin…try these.  Hopefully the routine will work for you:

Goat’s Milk Soap.  My mister and I started using Goat’s Milk Soap when we went to a goat farm in PEI on our honeymoon.  We loved the soap.  Now, we don’t pay shipping from Canada, but we try to get local goat’s milk soap wherever we live.  My mister uses this too and we use it on our boys’ ultra sensitive faces.  You can usually find local ones at fairs or farmer’s markets in your area or at places like Sprouts, TJ, Whole Foods, or Fresh Market.

Witch Hazel.  I use this as a toner for my skin.  I’m not a huge rose (the smell of it) fan, but this scent is very light.  And do the research, Witch Hazel has lots of other uses as well.

ReBuildU Vitamin C serum.  I have a sweet friend in my life.  This is hers.  She has been my makeup guru and told me about this when she first launched it. And you can get it 30% off if you use this particular link (at least through the end of June, which is tomorrow.

Coconut Oil.  I don’t use very much of it and I use it at night.  Its already in liquid form in a pump so it is super easy!  And I don’t have to remember to bring some from the kitchen.  I just use a little and rub it all in my face and neck until it doesn’t feel oily anymore.  (The link above isn’t the exact brand I use, but I use fractionated coconut oil – pure oil).

The above I do every night.  I wash with goats milk soap in the morning.

Now, here is what I want to find.

Eye cream

Day skin cream (that would be good for wrinkles and pores and aging skin)

And powder foundation

All the above I would love to find OTC or available on Amazon that doesn’t cost more than 20$.

God Bless You and Good Night

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Bedtime may not be the smoothest time of our day in our home, but we are getting there, and there are several things we enjoy doing right at bed time.

The boys brush their teeth.  We usually sit and read our Bible story (right now we are going through The Jesus Storybook Bible).  Then my mister puts the boys upside down and I tickle their tummy.

We trade off who puts the boys in to bed each night, and who goes second.  When I am the first to put my older to bed, I read him a little bit of a chapter book we are working through together.  Right now we are almost finished with Farmer Boy.  Then my mister will come in and make up a story and listen to E make up a story too.

With our younger son, we read a book sometimes and sometimes we just sing a song with him.

With both boys, I love to kiss them good night, get zerberts, another hug or two, and tell them for the 6th time goodnight.  The last thing I always tell them, even if its been a super long day, is I love you.  And I mean it.  That’s what I want to go through their heads as they drift off to dream.

Hannah Hall wrote a cute animal board book, God Bless You and Good Night.  It talks through a night time routine with cute parent/baby animal pairings.  Its cute and will be a favorite in your home by your little ones.  My older son liked the raccoons the best.

Thanks Tommy Nelson for this book and they want to give you one too!  Just leave a comment with your favorite part of your bedtime routine with your children.

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