Daddy Loves You So Much

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Daddy Loves You So Much

You know when you are supposed to do a book review for a giveaway in May and you can’t find the book because your children love it so much that they’ve hidden it somewhere?  Yup, that’s me.  Thanks Tommy Nelson for the book.

I did find the book stuffed under a car seat in the car.  The Daddy Loves You So Much book.

This is a companion book to one that came out a couple of months ago – Mommy Loves You So Much.  So glad they didn’t leave the daddies out!

Daddy-life gets a bad rap.  I am so glad that they didn’t leave us hanging wondering if the daddies loved their little boys and girls.  My husband definitely does.

I’m so glad that Fathers Day is coming up because it is a great day that my husband gets to celebrate being a daddy to those little boys of his.  HE loves to give them their baths at night (when he’s home), he usually gets up the boys in the morning so he can have some time with them before he goes to work.  He works selling pianos right now and loves to have them come play some pianos at the store and then help him sweep up the store at the end of the day.

This book is full of wonderful illustrations and lovely created father-son/daughter animal characters.  It is a durable board book perfect for those lap-reading sessions at the end of the day.  My boys definitely love to read this one in the car looking at all the beautiful animals.  (Since they can’t read yet).

This book definitely is a great celebration of fathers.  If you would like a copy of this book – perfect for Father’s Day coming up – just leave a note either here or on Facebook about one way you love watching your baby’s daddy interact with your children – or if you are a daddy – how you love to interact with your kids!

KDCCreatives: Father’s Day Scripture Art

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FAther's DAy Scripture Art

Being a Father is tough.

And many of you might be saying – Kim, you are a mom – how would you know?

Well, because I’m married to one.  I see the importance of providing for his family, caring for his family, leading his family, praying for his family – all of that – weighs heavily on him.

Being a Father isn’t just about working hard to provide financially.  Being a Father isn’t all about playing on the floor with your children at night or giving your wife a break from the kids sometimes.

Being a Father is mostly about shepherding the family that God has entrusted you with to look more like Christ – EVERY DAY!

This past weekend I was able to do a Scripture art piece for a father that I know.  I got to pray the Proverbs for him as he leads his children.  I got to pray the truths of Deuteronomy 6 for him as he shepherds his family by the Word of God.  I got to praise God for the man of God that He is and how is wife described him.

What a blessing this man is to his family and those around him.

Do you want a personal gift for Father’s Day?  Contact me about Scripture art – fully custom piece.

And please remember: be thankful for your fathers and the fathers that you know.  And pray for them!

Reclaiming Father’s Day

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This weekend coming up holds a special holiday.  It is definitely not as highly promoted as Mother’s Day – but that is a fault of the American public.  I hope by now you have bought cards, planned meals, and bought gifts as a way to show appreciation to the Father in your life.

As I was at Target the past few weeks, I’ve been highly disappointed in the types of Father’s Day cards out there to choose from.  The above display will show you a great majority of them and what their common theme is.

The aobve card should not be the sentiment of Father’s Day.  Fathers get a bad rap out there due to some of the population living up the cards and also the television shows that depict fathers as dead-beats, uninvolved, lazy bums.  This is not who God designed Fathers to be.

There are three overarching commands that Fathers (and husbands) need to be that God set up as a design:

1.  Protector.  I feel this greatly in my relationship with my husband and the father to our children.  I remember the way he drove us to the hospital before Elijah came along and the first ride on the way home from the hospital with eli.  He also is our protector here at home, protecting us not just from harm from the outside, but also harm from within (by what we watch, do, and listen to.

2.  Leader.  Men are commanded to lead in a Christ-honoring way.  This is a self-less leadership but one that knows that it his job to lead our family.  My husband/father to our children does this by choosing what we read, sometimes how we spend our time, and how he leads our family in financial matters.

3.  Provider.  My husband/father of our children is a great provider for our family.  He is a hard worker and has a strong work ethic.  I had that in my Father as well.  E not only provides for our family financially, but provides a strong Christian-spirit for our home.

Bodily noises and beer should not be the focus of our celebration of our fathers.  But, unfortunately for so many of us, that is where we are because that is the type of father we know or have.  If this is the case for you, I pray you would ask your perfect Heavenly Father to redeem the time that you have with your earthly father and ask Him to work a good work in your Father’s life and heart.