Sundays in the South

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Sundays in the South

I’m sick this Sunday.  I don’t know if it is strep, or stress, or a cold, or the flu.  But my husband is working today and soon two toddlers will be home from Sunday School.  So, maybe today mommy will take a nap with them.

But, why not send up some link love for your weekend:

Even though we just celebrated his for real birthday, this lemon poppyseed cake we may just need to make because.

Love when healthy food inspires me to eat it and be healthy.

Each week I have my husband pop us a huge bag of popcorn and the boys and I snack on it all week. Cheap and healthy.  Here is a new one for me with a favorite spice I usually put on chicken.


This Week in the Charming South Kitchen

Revolution Donuts

I still cook, I promise!  I just don’t post it on here because I have really found hardly any time for blogging!

So, since I still cook, thought I would show you what is going down in my kitchen this week.

Its been 4 years tomorrow that my Granny passed away.  So, I’m making her chicken and rice, her most famous meal, tomorrow.  We’ll see how it turns out.

Two orders of sweet potatoes coming up this week:

Sweet Potatoes with a delicious herb sauce

Sweet potatoes, sausage, and swiss chard – yummy pot when it gets colder again this week.

For breakfasts we have cereal, granola, fruit.

I want to try these this week and see if my boys go for them.

What are you cooking this week?