Breakfast Tacos

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breakfast taco salsa

We don’t own chickens, nor do I ever plan on it.  Might be nice to walk out and get fresh eggs every morning, but I’d rather rely on a company like Great Day Farms eggs – local, natural, gorgeous, and absolutely healthy and delicious!  I heard there company at the AR Women’s Bloggers event here a few months ago – and loved their story, their company, and now go to Wal-Mart to buy my eggs!  If I’m going to feed my family, especially my young boys, I want them to be the best eggs they can be!

My plans starting out Tuesday was to make a different type of taco for taco Tuesday, but with small children, plans change almost immediately.  So, I had delicious eggs in my fridge and opted for a breakfast taco.

What you need:

great day farm eggs

Great Day Farms eggs – I scramble mine mixed with half and half and pepper, with butter for the pan (gives it more flavor) – and salt the eggs when they are almost done cooking

seasoned cooked black beans (I use garlic, cumin, salt, pepper, and some Cuban seasonings)



Sharp cheddar cheese

Flour tortillas



Super yummy, inexpensive, and delicious and healthy!


Our State #8: Coyote Kitchen (Watauga Cty: Boone)

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Finally have time to get another restaurant in from the magazine. T and I were both in the mood for Mexican food and were glad this placeserved it up.
Good things:
1. Got right in because we went early, by the time we left (630ish, it was packed and waiting line).
2. Our waiter. Definitely need water refills when eating spicy salsa
3. Speaking of salse…on the 4 salsa sampler platter, the cranberry chipotle was the best. So good.
4. The tilapia boat was the best thing of the night. Coconut rice, roasted sweet potatoes, grilled tilapia, cheese, other yummy stuff. So good. We also got the red pepper hummus (def not my fave) with rosemary bread (pretty good), 4 salsa sampler and chips (chips and salsa were great but you had to pay for them – not a good thing in my book), chorizo tacos – pretty good, not a ton of flavor.