Food Blog Love (10 year blogging anniversary giveaway)

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10 Years Food Blogging Giveaway

One of the reasons I started this here blog ten years ago this month was to share recipes with my college girls.  I loved sharing recipes so they could cook them for dinner, or to share with friends, or even now, to share with their husbands and families.

This month marks 10 years of blogging for me.  I love to blog, share recipes, connect with readers, and share life and community.  It can be done on blog world – believe me!

So, for this blog, I wanted to share some resources that I love – because often people ask me what are my go-to recipe places on the internet.  I’ve come to absolutely love these blogs and turn to them first more than other places.  I hope you come to know these bloggers, love their food, know their stories, and share their food with your loved ones.

everything important happens around a table

eatliverun  – I started reading Jenna back when I lived in Louisville like 6 years ago.  I loved her healthy(ish) recipes, her stories, her wine-tasting, California-living life, and her photos.  She also is a fit-girl!  She is a momma and though she doesn’t blog here now, she is doing fitness coaching and you can follow her on Instagram.  But, she still has her blog up.  Two of my favorites are her Thai Red Curry and her Pistachio Cupcakes (as my mister, they are so good).  And, if you haven’t read her book and love culinary life stories – you will love her White Jacket Required.  I finished it in two days (and I have toddlers!).

bloggingoverthyme  Laura and I share the same last name (well, my maiden name).  She is superb at the camera and I love her story-telling and her chronicling of her now life in Chi-town.  She is down to earth and shares delicious recipes – and she interacts with her readers and wants to encourage them in their kitchen pursuits.  I just made her Lemon Zucchini Cardamom Bundt Cake.  So good (I ended my sugar and carb fast a day early just to have some – and a BLT).

pinchofyum I’d love for my husband and I to be able to turn this blog into a well-paid blog so that he could quit his job and we could just do this.  Wishful thinking.  But, other than the monetary side of the blogging, this couple is great at giving photography tips, delicious recipes and that may be a little out of my culinary box, and again, is interactive with their readers.  I do love these chocolate chip cookies and this delicious granola

dineanddish Kristen is so friendly and personable and of course a great chef for her family and others.  She cares about her readers.  I wish I could meet all of these bloggers and sit down for coffee or bake with them in their kitchens.  That would be such a treat.  Again, her photographs are great (notice a theme of food and photography) and her recipes are delicious.  LIke these maple scones perfect for the fall that is approaching quickly and because I’m from the strawberry cap of the world, this unbelievable strawberry shortcake

And since I’ve been blogging for ten years – I will be giving one lucky reader a little prize package – filled with things that I blog about!  So, all you have to do to enter is comment here (and for every entries share on social media)!  I will pick the winner on September 1!

This Week in the Charming South Kitchen (and help when you are tired of menu planning)

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Another normal week of cooking here in the South.  Do you ever get tired of cooking or having to prepare meals for your family – or just for yourself?  I know I do.  5-7 meals each week not including breakfast and lunch – it gets tiresome and repetitive.

So, what do you do?

1.  Look at new websites and get new ideas. And you can also look at blogs that do an inspiration post (like How Sweet and Heather’s Dish). I do it to – like the Weekend Inspiration post or Link Love posts. I love giving you new blogs to read.

2.  Ask your family what are things they would like to eat. Of course my littles don’t really answer me right now, but my husband usually has good ideas. If you are having people over for dinner – ask what they would like to have.

3.  Look in your pantry and create some new dishes with what you have. I always have jiffy corn muffin mix and canned beans and soups in my pantry. Something may just catch your eye and bring some creativity to the table.


Monday: Farmhouse salads with fresh ingredients and hard boiled eggs and cheese and chicken strips.  One of our favorite go-to dinners.

Tuesday: We are having a first ATL house guests tonight so I wanted to know what I could cook. We are having roasted broccoli, fresh summer tomatoes, and parmesan Greek chicken.

Wednesday: Chopped Thai Salads from Pinch of Yum because the mister won’t be home till late and I can eat it right after the boys go to bed.

Thursday: Simple cold summer salads with crusty toasty french bread. Yes please.

Friday: Leftovers is what’s for dinner and then for a date night dessert: this tart. Truth be told I have a tart pan that I’ve never used. Yes, I’ve had it for about 10 years and never used it – always keeping it because I might use it one day. Well, that day is coming!

Saturday: Zucchini bread – I actually really love it. Summer goodness in loaf form. So, I’ll be chilling with this loaf, some eggs, bacon, and fruit for brinner.

Sunday: And then take some of the bread and toast it with a smearing of butter and milk and a banana. Then the hubs has this Sunday off so maybe some comfort food after church at night and leftovers for lunch. This Sloppy Joe bowl fits the bill.

Weekend Inspiration

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Blue Flower

Sometimes being a creative has its drawbacks.  For me, it really came this week as I thought about narrowing the fields for how I am creative.  But, all of it flows together.  And comparison isn’t good – but if you don’t see anyone ever better than you – how can you improve?

Well, I wanted to share some websites with you – ones that inspire me to be better at what I LOVE to do.  I am a creative person in most every field: from parenting, our weekly and daily schedules, photography, cooking, handlettering, cards, etc.  So, enjoy these websites and let me know some ones I can look at too!

Griffin Gibson Photography – a local to me photographer that I hope to contact soon (a friend mentioned her name to me) and take some lessons from.

Mallory Ward Photography – another young photographer that has an eye for special people and the every day.  I am having time with this girl this week.

Holly and Flora – this budding wine expert and foodie takes beautiful photography of the special and unique and fresh and local foods and spirits she makes in her home in Denver.  I always love any time I get to chat with this long-time friend.

All She Wrote Notes Calligraphy – I get the honor of hanging out with this girl in Chapel Hill in July.  Looking forward to a mini photo shoot and learning about her craft!  I love that she does it all free hand – she doesn’t print out what she does.

Adventures in Cooking – Her photography and inspiration behind her food is amazing.  Simple, rustic, beautiful.

Elyse Fitzpatrick – Her writing.  Straight forward, gospel centered.  That’s how I like to write.  Oh, to write like her (one day, maybe, ha!)

Laura Hooper Calligraphy – The travel, the style, the flare.  Love it.


One other note:  You’ll hear more about this in the days ahead….but I love living creatively.  I have thought about that this year – fighting the mundane, living and dwelling in creative beauty.  There is beauty all around us – so make every moment beautiful.  Glimpses of our Creator are all around us.  And beauty reflects him too.  I’ll be doing a series of blogs and photo sessions that reflect this theme as I introduce a new direction for this blog.

Be inspired.  Live Creatively.  Dwell in Beauty.