Coffee With Lindsey Hohman Designs

Lindsey Hohman Designs

Watching people who are really great at what they do do what they do – it excites me!  And I want to introduce you to one of those people.

Lindsey Hohman.  I met Lindsey while we were both getting pedicures at a spa night hosted by her sister-in-law.  I immediately was connecting with her down-to-earth personality and her creative bent toward everything.  This girl has so much creativeness that it oozes out the ends of her hair.

You can see it in everything she does and her style fits her home perfectly.  When I left her home a few days ago I called my husband and told him I found our dream house.  No joke.  Gray, white, lots of light, hydrangeas, plenty of space, a huge back yard, a rocking chair front porch, Gator stuff in the house.  Yup.  I hope this girl keeps me as a friend!

Chalkboard Lettering

Lindsey is a handletter-er genius and it flows from her.  I wish I could do it – and I can’t.  We all have our gifts.  Apparently.  But, I love her whimsical style of writing and her soft style of watercolor.  I love her floral looks but it doesn’t make everything too girlie.  She is authentic.  She loves Jesus, the Bible, and the Gospel.  She uses an ESV Journaling Bible.  She has two really cute kids.  She loved my food.  Yup.  She’s a winner.

Coffee with Lindsey Hohman

Our kids played, we ate and talked, and she was kind enough to answer some questions so you can get to know her a bit.

First, the question every one will want to know, what is in your coffee cup?  Sweetness.  Hazelnut coffee with french vanilla creamer.  Stevia for more sweetness.  If its not sweet, I’m not drinking it.

What are you learning from your art?  I’m learning to view God in the light of grace.  I am getting out of the box of “I need to do this before I will be ______”  Living in grace and not living in law.

“Its a challenge to see you how God sees you.” – LH

What’s one area as a business creative in which you want to grow?  I need to work on my shop set-up.  Learning which avenues are best for which art styles.

What are your favorite materials?  I love being creative with paints and pens and chalk. I like manipulating them in different ways to get a different effect.

Watercolor Flowers

What inspires your creativity?  LOTS.  I am a visually-inspired person.  I love pretty things.  Magazine and Pinterest lend inspiration.  I love to sketch and doodle.  If I’m listening to someone talk, I’m usually doodling.  Watercolor is a new medium.  One thing I’m learning is you can’t base your creations on others’.  A lot of my inspiration comes from magazines and other print work. I love taking time to sit alone a read through a magazine!

How do you balance being a wife and a mom and a creative?  Inclusion and patience.  Basically, multitasking.  I can’t do just one of the other.  I am always Mommy and _____.

Mommy and Creative


Lindsey, thank you so much for hanging out with me. I look forward to future play dates, cupcake dates, and creative sessions with you.

Green Hydrangeas


Almond Cupcakes


Lindsey Hohman


Psalm 51







Lindsey Hohman





Lindsey Hohman necklaces




And yes, Lindsey made that necklace!

All photos are property of kcreatives photography.  Use with permission.

Weekend Inspiration

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Blue Flower

Sometimes being a creative has its drawbacks.  For me, it really came this week as I thought about narrowing the fields for how I am creative.  But, all of it flows together.  And comparison isn’t good – but if you don’t see anyone ever better than you – how can you improve?

Well, I wanted to share some websites with you – ones that inspire me to be better at what I LOVE to do.  I am a creative person in most every field: from parenting, our weekly and daily schedules, photography, cooking, handlettering, cards, etc.  So, enjoy these websites and let me know some ones I can look at too!

Griffin Gibson Photography – a local to me photographer that I hope to contact soon (a friend mentioned her name to me) and take some lessons from.

Mallory Ward Photography – another young photographer that has an eye for special people and the every day.  I am having time with this girl this week.

Holly and Flora – this budding wine expert and foodie takes beautiful photography of the special and unique and fresh and local foods and spirits she makes in her home in Denver.  I always love any time I get to chat with this long-time friend.

All She Wrote Notes Calligraphy – I get the honor of hanging out with this girl in Chapel Hill in July.  Looking forward to a mini photo shoot and learning about her craft!  I love that she does it all free hand – she doesn’t print out what she does.

Adventures in Cooking – Her photography and inspiration behind her food is amazing.  Simple, rustic, beautiful.

Elyse Fitzpatrick – Her writing.  Straight forward, gospel centered.  That’s how I like to write.  Oh, to write like her (one day, maybe, ha!)

Laura Hooper Calligraphy – The travel, the style, the flare.  Love it.


One other note:  You’ll hear more about this in the days ahead….but I love living creatively.  I have thought about that this year – fighting the mundane, living and dwelling in creative beauty.  There is beauty all around us – so make every moment beautiful.  Glimpses of our Creator are all around us.  And beauty reflects him too.  I’ll be doing a series of blogs and photo sessions that reflect this theme as I introduce a new direction for this blog.

Be inspired.  Live Creatively.  Dwell in Beauty.



Surrounded by Beauty: a day at Rifle Paper Co.

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Today, I went to the Rifle Paper Co. store in Winter Park, FL. If you aren’t familiar, take time and saunter through their website. There you will find beauty, flowers, letterpress, stationary, gifts for everyone on your list (male and female), journals, candles, etc.

Beaty and Creatvity

As I walked out of the store with my (clearance) 2014 Secret Garden Botanicals wall calendar and a Valentine’s Day card (also on clearance)…one of my thoughts was this:

When you surround yourself with beautiful and creative…you desire beauty and creativity.

Being in Rifle Paper made me want to be creative. I didn’t feel beautiful enough to be in there (jeans, tank, and my husband’s sweatshirt, hair in a ponytail, no makeup on). But, it spurred me on to be more.

The calendar now has a place on my desk on an easel. So does stationery, my camera, sketch pads, journals, pens, markers, and space to write and create.
Do you have a creative space?

Do you desire to be creative?  If you are a believer, God created you to be creative.  He is the Creator.  We are made in His image!

You really can be creative anywhere – but it sure does help to be surrounded by beautiful and creative!

kd316 Creatives

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September brings another new month – and a new time in this blog.  This blog, no matter the name, has been going on for almost 10 years in some form, and it is time for a change.

As I have been reading Jess Lively (a life blog) for a few years now (and loved her jewelry JessLC) I’ve come to know one thing about my blogging: I need to write about what brings me joy and love what I write about.  I love theology – but lately, for reasons that I’ll keep between my husband and myself, I will choose not to spend much of my time writing about theology.  Believe me, some posts will still exist: especially book reviews and CBMW topics and how to incorporate the Word into life, but this will not be my focus on this blog.

In the past months, I’ve been thinking about all of life as a creative.  We were made in the image of our Creator and everything comes from Him.  Our creativeness flows from Him.  I love being creative: not knitting or crocheting or scrapbooking – but that’s just not my thing (and if it is your thing, keep doing so for God’s glory).  I’m more creative in decorating, cooking, baking, food photography, photography in portraits and nature, traveling, style, writing, encouraging, etc.  I also love seeing those around me see their world in a creative mindset and bent.  So I will feature other creatives on this blog as well. I have many talented and creative friends all over the globe! 🙂

That is what this blog will be from now on.  A mixture.  I hope you enjoy the newness!