Unqualified: a review

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Cutting Edge would be one phrase I would definitely use to talk about Steven Furtick.  I’ve heard him preach one time at my church in Durham back in the day, white suit, bleached hair. Yes. That’s extreme in SBC Culture.

And unqualified is cutting edge in how it talks about rebels who are totally unqualified to have any relationship with God – and talks about how Jesus is our qualifier.

This book is balm and wit and grace and Word.  Story and grace told in a way that will read the masses. Its good.

Thanks Blogging for Books.

Hope Unfolding : a review

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A new book for mommas is coming out. So funny that there is never a shortage for new books for tired mom’s who never find the time to read all the books.

I had high hopes for this one, Hope Unfolding, by Becky Thompson, and I love the cover and get real talk.

But, I want a book more centered on the gospel, less centered on story and example. When I listen to a sermon I want gospel truth mixed w a little personal story or joke. In this book, while saying good stuff and offering tired mommas hope only found in Jesus, it is more personal story mixed with a little gospel.

Just out of properbalance,in my opinion, and that’s what Blogging for Books gave me the book to do…write an honest review.

Come Empty: a review

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The longer I live the more I am introduced to and reminded of pain and hurt.  A believer’s life is not immune from it – we just have help and a Healer when we experience it.

And hopefully, we can share that help and Healer with others who are going through pain.

The book Come Empty by Saundra Dalton Smith is good on many levels:

  1.  Her transparency.  I love that there are people in the world who are hurting, who have been hurt, and know that they have the freedom to share that hurt.  Not everyone is given that freedom for fear of guilt, shame, or rejection.  I think that is something we in the church can be more aware of and open to.  Not shunning people who are in pain, but helping them with the purity of the Gospel in their pain.
  2. Her use of Scripture.  I do love that this book is full of the Word of God – because through the Word we receive healing.
  3. Short reads.  I know in periods of hurt, I might not be able to emotionally handle a long chapter, or a lengthy book.  Short daily readings are great.

One negative: This book is in the same family as Jesus Calling in one regard: there is a His Reply section and the author puts it in first person, so it is as if Jesus is actually speaking these words to her.  And if He is, then these words are infallible and perfect, on the same par with Scripture.  Scripture is the only Scripture.  It is one thing to give readers Scriptures that they can internalize, but another to say that the Lord is actually speaking these words.

Thanks Litfuse and Dr. Smith for the book and all opinions are my own.

Kids and Christmas (and a book giveaway)

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Christmas Prayer Giveaway

Well, most of the turkey in your fridges is probably eaten – we have some about to get into a casserole for lunch tomorrow. You may have some pie left – but I guarantee if it is good pie than it is already gone.  We have one piece left, but I’m sure my mister will eat that when he gets home in a few.

But, now we move on to Christmas. Some of you have already been playing carols in your car.  My mister starts listening to Christmas music in the summer because he always puts together the Christmas cantata at our church so he needs to know the music before Thanksgiving.  There are only a few Christmas cds that I can listen to all year, but mostly I just listen to them in December.

This year I’ve been receiving texts from friends asking what we are going to do with our boys and Santa.  I give them what we are doing – and then couch it all in – Bring Christmas back to Jesus where it belongs.  No matter what you do with Santa.

Tommy Nelson has a new book out for Christmas and your preschoolers this year.  I was reading through it with mine tonight and it really has some good illustrations to help you tell the Christmas story – couched in many of the things we know and experience about Christmas. It helps us to continue thanksgiving into the holiday season of Christmas.  I love how it talks about snow and forgiveness.  And even our warm beds and the manger.  This book leaves a little bit to be desired in its depth of Christmas.  It is a little generic, maybe secularized or weak so as not to offend, which can lead to a false theology of Christmas.  Its missing a specific reference to why Jesus had to come to earth. The parent would have to further explain more to their children about what Christmas is – but it is a good start.

You too can read this book to your child. All you have to do to win it is tell me what is something you are looking forward to doing with your kids this Christmas.  We are going to ride the Pink Pig at a mall in ATL – a long-standing tradition for many Atlantans.  And we are going to start making a Happy Birthday Jesus Cake.

Jim Gaffigan on Food

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I grew up on the humor of Bill Cosby.  I loved (and still do) that man.  Most of his comedy on tv and his tapes was relatively clean and appropriate for most audiences.  Now, I can’t say the same for his stand-up, or so I’ve heard.

Humor has a way of connecting with people that some other types of literary genres don’t.  I do love to read books about food: memoirs, cookbooks, etc.  And that is why I wanted this one from Blogging for Books.

What I didn’t anticipate is how funny it is – but also how damaging that was to me.  I had to put it down.  You see, I have sin issues with food.  I eat too much, I am a glutton, I worry about what food is doing to my body – I can be totally consumed with it. So, to read a book making fun of food, of eating too much, of the problems in America that we have with food – it didn’t do my heart (or my body) any good.

And I think, in every book you read, or however you engage with culture – you have to know how to impact your heart.

And your body.


Cookbook Review: Sugar & Spice

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I don’t think I’ve ever had and loved this type of cookbook – and I know now what I’ve been missing.

Cardamom.  Pepper.  Cinnamon.  Cloves. Nutmeg.  Etc.

All bound together in a photo-medium (only downfall, I love photos and the ones in it are amazing), story and explanation rich and colorful (a huge bonus), recipe infused cloth that is begging me to get a mortar and pestle.  I don’t have one but if I were to have one I would want this one or maybe this one.

Like I said, the photos are gorgeous, I just wish there were more.  I love the voice of this cookbook.  The recipes would stretch me out of my comfort zone in what I usually cook – but it makes me want to.

I’m thankful for Blogging for Books for sending this to me for the review, and to Samantha Seneviratne for writing it.

And just possibly – I might be making the Coffee and Cardamom Shortbread for this wknd.  Why not?

One Reason I Love Fall

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Fall Play and Books

Because there is more time to read books!

I love books and I love fall, so there you go.

Almost every night I have the privilege of putting my boys to bed. My favorite time with them is right before bed time when I take the time to read stories with each one of them in their rooms.  I start with my younger and we read three books.  Then I move on to my older son and we read two books.  I love holding them, reading with them, laughing with them, and praying over them.  Such a sweet bonding time.

So, what a great thing to combine both my love of books and love of Fall with a new book by Tommy Nelson that I was sent to read with my children and to pass on to you.  This great board book continues a series of season books that show furry “lions” (my sons overall word for most animals) having fun as families doing Fall activities.

You will love it.

How do you win this book – you ask?  Tell me your favorite fall activity to do with your children?  Ours: going to a pumpkin patch!