Fall Friday

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So, I live in the South.  And it is totally not Fall yet in the deep South.  I love the cooler temps of the high 60s but that’s not really fall, just maybe early summer.

I did drive by a tree today that was changing colors.  But, I remember last year late November when all the trees in main drive of our neighborhood were yellow and red and orange.  That’s Fall.

But, I just wanted to take a few moments to help get you in the Fall mood – like a Fall mood board.

After taking a look at this list – tell me what your go-to  Fall loves are?

This candle is my favorite – maybe for all year, but definitely in the Fall and Winter.  I’ve had it for years and totally need a new one.

This Pottery Barn throw in gray – or in the light blue color.  For the nights sitting on the couch reading a book after the boys go to bed.

Loving these books right now: Oxford, Family, SkinnyTaste (comes in the mail soon), Half Baked Harvest, The Hobbit,

These cupcakes which I made today – but I just tasted and sent the rest to a catering event.

This new to me website.  If only I were that creative.  Need to step up my game a little bit!  For all the inspiration.  What sites give you inspiration for all you do?

My dream of going to this place.  Just a little out of our price range, but a girl can dream right?

These soups and writing from my friend.  Her inspiration in the kitchen inspires mine.  And we feed each other goodies throughout any given week.  Be on the look out from something new from her too!

This whole outfit from my friends up at High Cotton.

Link Love Sunday

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Its a rainy Sunday afternoon here in East Georgia.  Perfect for laying in bed while the boys nap.  Reading.  Preparing to teach a Bible study on Tuesday.  Thinking about a charcuterie board and writing session my mister and I will have tonight.

Here are some things that I’m loving right now:

Trader Joes Dark Chocolate Mint Creams (I finished the contained before starting keto this weekend)

This coffee table (I’m saving up) And stay tuned for some more from Cathy and Rob.

Classes at my gym (specifically body pump and spin)

IG videos on how to watercolor – cheaper than any class I could take

My local library: I can pick out a ton of books then bring them home to see if I want to read them.  Much cheaper that way.

White Collar.  I’m starting my third round of the series.  Love it.

Broadchurch.  We are on season 3.

Bull.  If you think Michael Weatherly is fabulous in NCIS, he is even better (and the writing is amazing) in this show on CBS.



Sunday Funday

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Hey yall.

So, I’m home from church this morning because I woke up with a killer sore throat and ear ache (probably tonsillitis again like I had in December).  I took a low-dose oxycodone because I didn’t want to walk downstairs and get tylenol.  And with little sleep and on meds, I locked myself out of my house.  Had to wait for the mister to be done with playing for the service to tell me where our spare key was.  Now, I’m fading, but thought I’d have some fun.  If this post makes no sense, you’ll know why.

Just thought I’d share some things I’m loving right now!

This book.  It has be a good primer for me in drawing flowers.

These little cute things.  They will go over my desk when we get a curtain rod, so right now they are in our dining room. I got them from a local nursery.

Friends who know more than I do about DIY projects.

These chocolate chip cookies.  They are perfection.  I like them with dark chocolate to cut the sweetness just a little.

Dreaming of summer and day trips to visit friends.

This book.  I just finished it.  A must read.

What have you been loving?  Please share!

Finding Lovely

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Finding Lovely

To say its been a hard week over here, may just be an understatement.  But, in those moments, God still wants me to pursue him, pursue a grateful heart, cry out to him with everything I’m feeling (he’s not surprised by any of it).  He gives me Himself, He gives me friends that accept crazy texts in the middle of the day, who pray for me.  He also gives me lots of lovelies that I find here.

This is the post each week where I get to share these lovelies with you.  Enjoy.

This soup looks crazy good.  I’m definitely making it next week.

I showed these to my husband.  I’d love all these pretty things to organize my home office.  Which currently is my dining room table and a desk positioned in a beautiful bay window.

I love this momma and these chocolate cookies.

Podcasts are amazing.  I’ve been listening to these this week: DC preaching, real life momma and ministry, and raising boys.

And since i’m not really traveling any time soon, I thought I would post about a little place I would love to go – especially in the fall or winter when I could snuggle by the fire.

What are some lovelies that you have found this week?


Snowed In Link Love

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Pears on a Plate

Happy Saturday yall.  If you are on the east coast – pretty much means you got some snow – or you are enjoying balmy beach weather like my friends in FL and the lower coast beaches.  Oh the life.  We got a heavy dusting here in the ATL area – but what that means is now it is cold and windy and we are going to stay inside.  Everyone hit up the grocery stores yesterday (including me for fruits and veggies) and we are in for tonight – with my favorite men and a fire!

So I wanted to give yall some link love to have a happy time surfing tonight while you sip something warm and prop up your feet by a fire, or watch Frozen for the 50th time, or just snuggle under a blanket.

Oh because you always need a great breakfast when you are snowed in – or really anytime.

Because it is Girl Scout cookie time and I’d rather make something than by a box.

Because why let your muscles go limp when you are stuck at home.  Many good workouts, but if you don’t want to do any more squats – check this out

Such a good reminder to believe our husbands, know God’s definition of beauty, and believe God!

In case you always use your phone camera even though you have a really nice one.  Read this.

Sundays in the South

Here's some Coffee

Most everyone I know is in some sort of weather today produced by Hurricane Joaquin.  Maybe you are loving it – maybe you’d rather have sunshine.  I love storms and wind – but I actually thrive on sunshine.

So, while some of you may be stuck inside today because of the weather, I thought I would send you some link to read up on:

I usually make muffins once a week in our kitchen because it is so easy for my misters’ breakfasts.  These will be coming soon because I have everything in my kitchen already.

If you get really tired of meal planning – maybe these templates will help you out and bring on the food creativity.

Are you aspiring to more in the kitchen?  Maybe you need to start with these?  I want to make my own bucket list of recipes.

Having worked for Williams-Sonoma for a few years, I loved reading this story.

Sundays in the South

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Old School October

Today is a little different in our home as far as Sundays go.  We usually go to church. Not this week.  One of sons has pink eye and a yucky cough and lots of snot – so we chose not to inflict any of those on other kids.  So, we are home today.  This morning we ate muffins, watched Daniel Tiger, read out of our Read and Share Bible, and drove around town getting Krispy Kreme, watching trains, looking at planes and bulldozers, and ate lunch at Zaxbys.  What does your normal Sunday look like?

Here are some links you can be loving this week:

A muffin recipe of mine featuring some yummy pumpkin granola over at Her View From Home

There’s a lot more to creating a recipe than you think.

This is getting made so soon – oh, me and sausage…its quite the affair!

This is going on the menu for this week!  Oh, I love falafel and I miss my sandwiches in Louisville.

Simple and cheap comfort food – right up our alley

Great post on ordering your life for any woman



Sundays in the South

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Sunday naps

Truth be told, doing some extended childcare today – I may have eaten half my weight in animal crackers.  Hey, whatever it takes to get 4 kids through nap times without naps.  And speaking of naps – this was taken last night before bed time – it had been a long week for all of us and my e gets so snuggly – and because he turns 3 in 6 days!

So, first I thought you might be encouraged to go read three posts that I’ve written that are spread throughout internet land:

This one on what the best types of shoes each woman needs to succeed in marriage.

This one on blessing others because we have been blessed in Christ.

and finally this one about putting our faith into action.

And now for some link love from around my fave blogs:

I’m already thinking of simple Christmas gifts I can give to other foodies in my life – this salt may be perfect in little mason jars wrapped up in pretty string.

Because I love pumpkin everything this time of year.

But, I don’t want to give up summer and all its glorious berries just yet and because I love scones.

And because I’m not in college and can cook more than microwaveable ramen and because I love bacon. Who doesn’t, right?



Sundays in the South

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Sundays in the South

Oh glorious Sunday.  Nap central in our home in the afternoon.  And loving to bake and cook and organize my kitchen while having NCIS or Gilmore Girls on in the background.  My mister works every other Sunday so I get a quiet afternoon to myself in between church time. Some Sundays we have people over then it is a day for community – which I love as well.

Here are some links I’ve been loving this week:

This chocolate and pb cake will be made for the next person who requests a chocolate cake for an event – or maybe just for us to eat!

Coconut and chocolate together – yes, please!

This book for my preschooler about oceans, mountains, and stars oh my!

Joy tackles the rising tide of Instagram

Psalm 119 is amazing and Kristin is about to start a study on it.

Weekend Link Love

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Pumpkins and Link Love

It is a beautiful fall day here in the Atlanta Metro area.  The blue sky beckons you to be outdoors (but my littles are asleep) and we are heading to the river later on today.  The crisp morning air gives way to cooler sunny afternoons.

Here are a few posts for your weekend viewing:

We went on a two week road trip for our honeymoon and loved it all.  One of the meals in Prince Edward Island has turned out to be a much requested (never made) meal for my mister.  I’m going to aim at fixing that this week with this recipe.

I passed by a sale feature today at TJ when I went of Raspberries. My older son could eat them all in one sitting if I let him.  I give him some at each meal if I have them on hand.  I tell him the reason I give him those is because I love him.  Baby brother doesn’t like them. His daddy sure does.  I’m making this granola to go with it this coming weekend for a special breakfast before family pictures and donut day

Definitely would consider this a tasty way to use up the two acorn squash sitting in my fruit bowl on my island.

Just because into every life must come the perfect sugar cookie.

One of the reasons I love to travel is to taste all of the food that the city I’m going to has to offer.  I’ve been to the Bay Area one time and I so want to return. Actually, one of my dream trips is to fly into San Fran and mill around and then drive up the coast or however you get to Napa and Big Sur.  Oh, to dream.  But, reading this post, I at least know which stops to make with a fork in hand.